Spice-up Your Lifestyle with Trendy Interior Themes

Spice-up Your Lifestyle with Trendy Interior Themes

Your home speaks a lot about you.  It’s the place where you unwind after a long day at work and enjoy your weekends with your friends and family. Indeed, interior design of your home should be carefully thought out. It not only shows your own immaculate interior style but also make an ever lasting impression on the visiting guests.

Theme or Style based interiors bestow your living space the attention it deserves.  Picking the perfect theme for your home interiors would reveal your taste and lifestyle in the most suitable way.

When designing the interiors of your home it is obvious that you would need some inspiration in deciding on the right decor theme. Choosing perfect theme would make your living space stunning and seamlessly integrated. There are plenty of popular interior decor themes which will give you a rough idea of how you can possibly style your home interiors and get the right look for your precious home.

In this blog, we are highlighting 20 most popular interior design themes that can be used in your home decor to set the aesthetics of designing in place. These 20 handpicked interior design themes are not only on-trend, but will help you identify which interior theme you love the most. You can incorporate them in a specific room of your choice or throughout your house. One can also enjoy combining elements of two or more themes to create his/her ideal interior decor look.

We will be exploring each theme in detail in our upcoming blogs. You might be aware that we have already written blogs on Bohemian and Industrial theme home Interiors. If you wish us to write on any specific theme of your choice, please leave your comment below or drop a mail at editor@archirio.com

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Now, let’s check out the 20 most awe-inspiring interior design themes  

  1. Art DecoArt deco represents modernism in relation with fashion, visual arts, architecture and design. This theme calls out for making a big statement using the bold geometric patterns followed by bright colours. 

  1. Cozy CoastalCoastal theme imparts comfortable, welcoming and grounded look to your residence. It gives you the vibe of vacation even in your everyday life. Shining sand, white furniture layered with light weight linen, nautical elements, just brings out an undeniable sense of coastal life to your space. 

  1. Cool ContemporaryContemporary means ‘’of the moments’’ , which means it’s ever changing, making the style unique in its own way. It is also defined by its simplicity, sophistication and clean lines. Contemporary theme focuses on use of bold colour blocks, high ceilings, bare windows, and geometric shapes in wall art and sculptures. 

  1. Happening HollywoodHollywood theme is popular because of its charm and drama. Dramatic lighting, low-lying furniture, luxuriously dressed walls and windows, over sized prints and stripes, with hints of feminine colour schemes create a unique period style ambiance in your home. 


  1. Interesting IslamicIslamic theme focuses on geometric patterns, careful layouts and open space philosophy. Big courtyards, lavish carpets, large arches, decorative jalis and finely crafted fabrics offer a cultural grandness to your space. 

  1. Modest MinimalistThe element of minimalist theme gives attention to details, colours and textures without using screaming accessories or unusual furniture. The simplification of this design gives you a sense of clarity and effortlessness instead of bareness. Less of detail means more of comfort. 

  1. Lovely LandscapeThis interior theme creates an invigorating indoor and semi-indoor landscape using variety of house plants. Be it any corner of the room, a plant can freshen up your space and mood anytime!

  1. Moroccan MagicMoroccan home interior theme is known for its exotic, elegant, luxurious and dramatic designs. It reflects the diverse areas that are rich in culture, tradition and history. Main elements of this theme are intricate carving, arched doorways and colourful fabrics. 

  1. Musical MantraMusical design theme is especially appealing to the music lovers. Use of design elements based on your favourite artists or bands will surely illuminates your space with both comfort and enthusiasm. 

  1. Princely PeacockPeacock theme interior represents royalty and nobility. The combination of an elegant colour palette with rich peacock textures in the form of small paintings or a wall art can enhance the entire space to another level.

   11. Ravishing RusticRustic style offers the rough and tough look with strong and sturdy feel. Its essence is in the combination of organic aesthetic with warm comfort, stability, simplicity and naturalness of all the elements. 

  1. Soothing ScandinavianScandinavian design style is a blend of textures and contrasts with soft hues and cozy accents. Use of all white space with sculptural furniture makes the space more impactful and elegant. It gives you a warm and inviting feeling. 

  1. Traditional IndianTraditional Indian interiors has its base rooted in antiques and classic art pieces. It uses design elements that are connected with the Indian tradition and history. A classical styling of the space with simple floral designs, cultural antiques and warm wooden furniture pieces would accentuates the entire house. 

14. Tantalizing TransitionalTransitional style is an interesting mixture of traditional and modern design elements. This theme is all about the rich balance of masculine and feminine design. 

  1. Multicoloured ManiaThis is a style that makes your space energetic, calm and relaxing using the colour scheme of your choice. Here, balance use of colours is the key, as every colour has a deep connection with your overall mood and personality. 

  1. Sport KlubSport theme is loved by the folks who are passionate about sports and want to turn their passion into a lifestyle. Painting the walls with your favourite team colours or using sport theme based wall papers are some of the prominent elements of sport theme. 

  1. Fabulous Futuristic  – Futuristic style depicts scientific and technical progress using an extraterrestrial geometric shapes and a limited range of colours. It imparts a sci-fi look to your space. Home automation with latest technology integration is the main foundation of this theme.

  1. Bohemian BeautyBohemian theme is all about embracing a home full of life, culture and colours. This style is for people who like to live unconventional life rooted in cultural mixing with an artistic sensibility. Bohemian style mirrors the life by combining objects, colours & patterns from various parts of the world.

  1. Industrial ImpactIndustrial style severs the concept of open living. It has a perfect blend of sleek modernity with vintage & classic look. Its all about using the unexpected material that was used in construction. The beauty of industrial design style is that ‘what looks incomplete & unrefined is actually the finished detail’.

  1. Kids Kingdom (Cartoon/Toy/Zoo/Study/Colour based) – There are variety of design styles with a specific vision that emulates the interest and passion of the younger generation. We can explore design elements using popular cartoon characters/stories, Toys or kids study materials. The balance of childlike imagination with adult practicality and approach is the key factor in creating interior spaces for kids.


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I am a practicing Architect & Interior Designer based in India. I love to design spaces and integrate technology in interior design.

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