The Scandinavian Way of Designing Your Home

The Scandinavian Way of Designing Your Home

Combining an inherent style of beauty and an impassioned plea for nature, Scandinavian style of home decor speaks of whitewashed walls, wooden accents, soft furs and dramatic tones of colour in a language of tidiness and coziness.

If you enjoy being a sloth bear just like me where comfort, simplicity and functionality are the only tools you need in your survival kit, then this style is perfect for you!

The exaggerated art of layering, influenced by the severe winters experienced in the Scandinavian climate, is a fundamental principle to follow when designing your home this way.

Uncover the Vertical Dimension

The walls are the backdrop for you to set the stage for this style. Whether you have exposed brick or plastered walls, use white as the inveterate colour. This keeps the space light and radiant giving you the signature Scandinavian look.

Step up your wall game by adding an accent wall in a grey tone or go bold with bright spruce wood slats. If you are searching for a cost-effective option, look towards shiplap wallpapers.

Amplified Layering for Your Floorboards

The style in its truest essence encourages light coloured options for the horizontal dimension as well. Value is given to bright and airy spaces that can be achieved using light wood or white floors. However, if these are not to your liking then, laminates or vinyl can also create the sought after aesthetic.

The unyielding floors can be balanced with the softness of rugs to create the Hygge feel in your space while enhancing the texturally sparse style with a touch of femininity. Imagine a soft and fluffy sheepskin rug in front of your sofa where you can sink in your toes while sipping a hot brew after a long day !

Opt for shades of grey such as charcoal with undertones of white or pale purple for rugs made from faux sheepskin, wool, mohair and natural fibers like jute and burlap. 

Beware that wall to wall carpets are a big no-no in this style.

The Particularity of Conspicuous Furniture

An uncluttered and simple furniture arrangement is indispensable to the Scandinavian style décor. In an all-white room, use dark colours for primary pieces to create a dramatic and impactful look.

The articulate placement of striking modern furniture pieces in warm wood or whitewashed finish completed with metal legs and smooth rounded edges would create slender silhouettes. This would work well for both large and small spaces.

You can also go with simple seating options in the room along with leather-backed wooden chairs or ottomans. Pair these with the storage pieces that you probably hide in your closet which would double up as stylish décor in this style. Oh and don’t forget to toss a blanket over it !

Coherency through Accessorizing

This interior style does not opt for a whole lot of colours, so use house plants to liven up the space. They bring an earthy natural look to your home without intruding upon the style. You can use any indoor plant of your choice but my favourites are the money plant, fiddle fig leaf and snake plant.

It is imperative to use mono-toned artwork especially in the realm of black and white and layer them to create a stylish yet casual effect.

Energize your space with a splash of colour embodied through intimate tidbits. Display your favourite colour to stand out against the white and brown interiors with throws, pillows, lampshades and alike. These can be adorned with classic Scandinavian botanical motifs or a throwback to the black and white stripes. Avoid navy blue to dodge the nautical/coastal look.

The Eminent Boost of Lights

A major component of Scandinavian style décor is the play of natural light into your interior. Hence, limit window treatments by using only light fabrics such as sheers. For light fixtures, you may choose from a plethora of lights in your favorite accent colour ranging from dome-shaped pendants and floor lamps to whimsical overhead installations. Candles add romanticism to the style and often sit in simple brass holders.

Some More Tips and Tricks

  • Use a blend of textures, contrasts and soft hues to make the sleek modern furniture feel for that warm and inviting look.
  • Layer your spaces with both functional and cozy elements.
  • Maintain the style by keeping your interior clutter-free by following the “Less is More” mantra.

Cultivating an atmosphere where you can pamper your senses is the raison d’être of the Scandinavian style. If you enjoy being snug as a bug in a rug, then explore Scandinavian style home décor with us. We are an expert in creating theme-based home interiors. Feel free to contact us on +91-8956549583 or write to us at

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