Adorn Your Abode with Islamic Style Interior Design

Adorn Your Abode with Islamic Style Interior Design

Your home is the greatest reflection of who you are! Anything done anywhere in your abode has a story to say. It is an expression of all your beliefs and faiths. Islam is one of the strong believers of this, so every design and every element of an Islamic style home has either a religious aspect or a logical reasoning to it.

Islamic style speaks of grandeur, royalty and majesty ! But all of it is done in a muted and grounded way. It follows the belief of privacy and so does Islamic homes. The spaces for hosting guests are usually kept separated from the spaces for family leisure. Islamic home interior theme is based on open space philosophy, so natural ventilation and lighting are essential elements for Islamic home interiors. Incorporating natural elements like plants and water bodies are highly appreciated.

Geometric Patterns- The Holy Grail of Islamic Decoration

One of the key features of this style is geometric patterns.  These can be extensively used in almost all elements of an Islamic styled home. To balance the massive use of geometric pattern and keep the space free from creating potential confusion, spaces free from any pattern in warm neutrals are designed along. Geometric patterns could be added on the walls, ceiling, floor and even on furniture. You can go for Mosaic art and zellige if you wish to impart the modern look to your space.

The Colour Culture

Islamic style witnesses wide use of warm neutrals. The most common colours used in this style are white, browns and yellows. Copper and gold are often used to highlight the elements and add rich impression to the decor. Mosaics in vibrant colours are used to add the pop of colour between the neutral shades otherwise used. These could vary from Prussian blues to the ruby reds.

Majestic Impression of Furniture and Furnishings

Islamic style of home interior is all about grounded grandeur. The furniture used in this style has neat lines and clean look. Furniture is preferably kept low and subtle. You can bestow the royal touch to your furniture scheme by using rich and heavy fabrics like linen, silk and velvet.

Use of wood with intricate carvings for the tables and storage units are preferred in Islamic style homes as it offers affluent and antique look. Table top with geometric patterns or floral motifs is also a prominent feature of this style.

For creating the traditional and opulent aesthetics, you may go with carved bedposts and intricate designs of bed back. These patterns could be embossed, painted or installed depending on the individual preferences.

Rugs are an important part of an Islamic styled home. It originates from the fact that Muslims offer prayers while seated on the ground. For maintaining the cleanliness they are barefoot inside the home. So the rugs become an essential element of home interiors.

Because of the prominence of natural ventilation, this style witnesses the presence of large windows. You can enhance the beauty of your interiors by having solid and clean curtains in heavy fabrics and rich colours.

Wall Treatment for the Grand Impact

The possibilities of wall treatment in Islamic style are limitless. Because of the use of subtle and muted colours, having an intricately designed elaborated accent wall is important to lift the room aesthetics. There are many ways of doing it. The most common of which is the use of geometrical pattern on the accent wall. This could be done by using tiles, wallpaper, MDF jali or just painting the wall. The entire wall could be covered with ornamentation.

You can also go with the wall niches of arches and Iwan to add the touch of traditional Islamic style. These niches can be highlighted using patterns and motifs. Vertical stripes of ornamentation on the accent wall would help in highlighting the furniture. Mdf jali with intricate patterns used as a partition wall would be one of the interesting additions in your space to enhance the theme effect.

Wall decals of calligraphic texts from the verses of the holy book, Quran could be used for accessorising the wall. Small and multiple frames of the same could also be added to the decor.

The Divine Effect of Lighting

Lighting can effectively help in modifying the mood and aura of your place. Lights with tints of yellow are the salient feature of Islamic style because of the warmth if offers. Hanging lanterns and lamps are one of the most common practices performed for this style. It helps in giving a subtle yet rich look and feel to the space.  Elaborated chandeliers are also commonly used because of its grandeur and majesty. The lighting fixtures generally have intricate carvings and stones on it. These are done in gold or bronze for its rich impression.

Highlighting for the Oomph

Creating a focal point using intricate patterns and motifs in a room is the key to keep the place clutter free. This could be done anywhere from a kitchen backsplash to the columns of the large living space. The risers of the staircase can also be highlighted using mosaic tiles to add an extra dimension in the space decor. Carved geometric patterns on the entrance door and playing with its scale for grandeur is another typical Islamic feature. The small details like gold door handles, mirror frame and window frames add to the overall ornamentation and image creation of the room.

There are endless ways of designing a home in the Islamic style. The possibilities to play with different geometric patterns, floral motifs, arches, niches, colours, lights and fabrics are limitless.

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