Industrial Style Home Décor : A Sense of History and A Piece of Future

Industrial Style Home Décor : A Sense of History and A Piece of Future

Have you seen a raw, underdone or unfinished look in the most thoughtfully designed and trendy homes?

Well, it’s a prominent feature of an Industrial Interior Design Style ! Yes, Industrial style is becoming very popular in recent times & this post is all about this interesting trend.

Industrial style design takes clues from old factories and industrial spaces that in past few decades have been transformed to loft and other living spaces.

Industrial style residential interior is all about exposing what lies beneath the layers of walls. It’s a space with a scope of creating a lot of drama by adding vintage furniture elements, big metal windows, exposed brick & metal pipes work. An industrial style room tends to be minimalist in its own way.

The Trend

As they say every design has a story to tell, well this certainly has its own interesting version. Because of globalization, industrial buildings suffered negligence due to increase work in corporate sectors. As people slowly developed the taste of variations & change in various interior designs & styles, it automatically gave birth to industrial interior style in the later years.

Exposed brick work and open pipe ducts were the elements that were supposed to be concealed. But later those became the highlighting factors of this design.  It had become quite a fashion statement in the society. Designers now days are using industrial style for high end residences.

Here are some useful key features in vogue to get Industrial style look for your home :

The Intense Color Palette

Use neutral color palette that has black, grey, white & all sorts of darker tones as the base color. You may highlight the vibrant colors by adding vintage paintings that gives a contrast to the space. You can also go for the all-white walls, where the exposed metal pipes and ceiling with copper or metallic finish acts as complimenting elements. This combination of modern finish with vintage touch becomes the highlighting factor of your space.

The Hardcore Material

Industrial style comprises around architectural details i.e. use of bare bricks, metals & woods. You can take a big advantage by using distressed yet smooth metal elements, stone counter tops, iron, steel, tin, grainy earthy wood, copper finish materials and aluminum with steel beams. Open duct & pipe works are also good to go.  Industrial style has made a statement by keeping all the structural & mechanical work open & exposed. That’s the beauty of this design!

The Game of Floor & Lights

Industrial theme is about focusing on raw & recycled materials. It will be smart & economical to go with polish concrete floors as it fits perfectly in the style. Timber or stone flooring are also a big yes in order to create a contrast with all the concrete & brick work going around on walls & ceiling.

Multi directional floor lamps, pendant lights with a dash of track lights here & there are good options. You may choose metal or vintage finish to enhance the entire look of the style.

The Vintage Act of Accessories

You can decorate your home with industrial items like metal structure & machinery parts, area rugs & carpets in distressed finish. You can also create drama by adding big vintage or abstract paintings. A cycle or a bike in your living room would be a better option just to add that bachelor hood touch. Style your residence with the vintage & factory elements and let your space speak about it on it’s own.

Some Handy Tips & Tricks

  • Don’t hide those pipes & frames, let them shine.
  • Gray’s, black, brown, khaki, navy blue, bring on all the unconventional colors.
  • Let the big windows & it’s natural light do their magic.
  • Posters, sign boards, vintage photographs, metal finish frame mirrors, or an old handmade lamp bought by your grand dad would just fit in perfectly.

According to a famous quote by the designer Charlotte Moss, “There are two things that makes a room timeless, A Sense of History & A Piece of Future”. Industrial style home décor would perfectly impart a timeless and unique touch to your precious residence.

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