Flaunt Your Elegance With Peacock Themed Home Décor

Flaunt Your Elegance With Peacock Themed Home Décor

Symbol of majesty and vanity! Guardian of royalty! Epitome of beauty! Could you guess what is it? Yes, we are talking about ‘Peacock’. There lies no argument about the charm and the grace of a peacock. Think of a peacock, fanning out its glistening feathers and dancing magically while the rain drops pour on it. Imagine if your home could have a similar aura to it. Wouldn’t it be a visual treat?

If you are fond of splendid, beautiful and majestic home décor, then let the ravishing feathers flourish in your humble abode through the Peacock Interior theme.

To decorate your home with sapphire blues and dreamy aquas, come and explore the peacock themed interior design with us. We are an expert in doing theme based home décor. Feel free to contact us on +91-8956549583 or write to us at editor@archirio.com

Peacock Colour- An Exquisite in Itself

I tried hard but could not think of an appropriate description for the colour, so the adjective that can best describe it is peacock blue itself. It’s a colour so exquisite that its mere presence anywhere can add a touch of royalty instantly to the place. Use peacock blue as the accent colour when following this theme. Pair it up with neutrals to let the accent colour stand out. Peacock blue not only beautifully compliments the neutral greys and whites but also shines bright with the woods and browns.

Royal blue, Lime green, dark green, emerald green, turquoise, pale blue, teal, lapis and Byzantium purple are the most common colours of this palette. These could be abundantly used in permutations and combinations according to your preferences and choices.

Go and play around with them and paint your home peacock !

Wall Treatment for the Magnificent Look

The option to decorate your wall in this style knows no boundaries. One could choose to display the theme through the use of colours; while someone else would want the use of peacock figures to highlight their wall. While one would enjoy the peacock inspired prints and patterns, someone else would prefer an elaborated wall mural. You could go for any of these and still make a powerful impact through your walls.

You can play unconventional by choosing to paint your wall in a peacock wall art but not in its original colour. A wall mural of peacock covering the entire accent wall in white, yellow and gold is one such exemplification for it.

You may use intricate carvings of peacock on your wooden partition to add that extra dimension of raw yet visually pleasing effect. If you would like to get that dazzling feel of luxury, you may add peacock inspired wall decals and paintings above your headboard.

Iconic Status Using the Fancy Furniture

Furniture plays a grand role in creating the aesthetics of a place. This theme is all about statement making furniture pieces. Make your furniture the focal point of your design and develop the décor around it.

You could do this by using a couch in the peacock colour palette and other seating in some neutral colour. Because this theme is about majesty and royalty, using rich fabrics for the upholstery is suggested. One could also play with the finishes of the fabric to highlight that one prominent furniture piece that serves as a focal point.

Using precisely carved bedposts is also one way of highlighting the furniture for this theme. Use rich peacock blue for the upholstery of the headboard. A velvet finish could be the game changer for this look because it adds a lot of richness and character to the otherwise ordinary piece of furniture. The delicate velvet here is metaphorically used for the delicate and soft touch of the peacock feather.

Whatever you do, just create a balance to it by using solid neutrals.

Using a peacock chair in any space can instantly add personality to the space and emphasize the wave of the theme. Additionally, add throw pillows to it in blues, greens or purples to balance the woody chair and also add a pop of colour to it.

Making Accessories Your North Star

A room décor without accessories is like food without garnishing. It serves the purpose but lacks personality. You could have the perfect finish and colour to your wall, but without an artwork, it will always be incomplete. You could have the best flooring but adding a rug will add character to your space like no flooring will ever be able to.

The right accessories are very important to make all the efforts that went in the designing impactful. Choose from the zillions of peacock inspired accessories available throughout the market. These could be anything from vases to wall plates or wall clocks, from paintings to wall hangings or figurines to floor rugs.

Triptych inspired from peacock for the wall above the headboard is one of the most common and efficient ways of adding character to the accent wall without doing much efforts.

One could use throw pillows in rich peacock colour palette to brighten up the neutral seating or neutral ones to balance the densely coloured couch.

Impeccable Lighting Effect

Lights are very important to create the right mood and feel of a place. Add accent lights and spot lights to highlight the accessorizing done. Use of warm lights can help in creating comfortable surroundings. To add more character, one could use stained glass lamps, peacock shaped candle holders and light fixtures.

If majesty, royalty, elegance and grace are what you are looking for your home, then peacock style interior design is actually what you need. So design your home to reflect your personality with us. We are an expert in creating theme based home décor. Feel free to contact us on +91-8956549583 or write to us at editor@archirio.com

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