Designing Your Kid’s Kingdom

Designing Your Kid’s Kingdom

Someone has rightly said that “Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.” You see, children are highly curious and emotional. They easily get attached to the people and things around them. They need a space in the house that they can be comfortable in and call it theirs. And this can surely contribute to their daily growth and development.

A kid’s room should narrate a childlike imagination with adult convention. Didn’t you as a child wish for a room that has your favorite color or cartoon character? I’m sure you wanted it, as much I as did. Let your creativity go wild while decorating your child’s room as they after all, do deserve the most beautiful room in the house! While it is an interesting and fun-filled task, it takes you for a roller-coaster ride, as the minutest of details have to be taken care of. Would you like to get insights on how to design a kids’ room? Just keep reading…..

Creating Captivating Canvas

A child’s room should be playful yet stylish and this can be achieved with a combination of warm and bright colours from the palette. Colours have the ability to motivate and inspire kids by creating a sense of enthusiasm in them. Use your ingenuity to the fullest while ornamenting the room with various enticing colour shades other than just the typical blue and pink.

Be careful while choosing the colours in the room, as they need to be applied in a balanced way.  Too much use of colour can make a child feel very uncomfortable, by the chaos it creates. If the furniture in the room has colours that pop up to the eye, then the walls should speak of soothing colours. Also, calm lavender or soft blue can be used to help them sleep easily.

An accent wall with wacky textures and colours can be used to add aesthetics and energy to your child’s room. In contrast to this, the furniture needs to have a subtle feel to it.

Wonderful Witty Walls

Walls speak volumes of a child’s personality resonating from their vibrant colours. You may add character to the walls with various elements such as wallpapers and wall artifacts. They play an important role in motivating a child’s behavior throughout the day. Use of patterns similar to the ones learnt in nursery, geometric shapes defining school math, wall murals depicting an art lecture are the elements that add a sense of everyday routine to walls.

Walls can be adorned with prints to enumerate a dramatic translation to the room when the furniture is simple and minimalistic. Use of Murals on walls depicting famous characters gives the room an artistic perception. A combination of wallpaper prints can solve the quarrel between siblings sharing a room. It can be used on the focal wall as an inspiration to the entire room.

Explore the Tantalizing Themes

A room can be designed according to themes as per the taste of your child. Narrowing down the theme for the kids’ room can make your shopping experience a lot easier. Themes such as sports, underwater fantasy, Lego, fairytale, cars, outer space, circus, jungle safari are a few popular among kids. These themes contribute to a lively atmosphere. Neutral colors are great for rooms because as a child grows, their tastes and styles change with them. It helps in easy transformation of the space as well. Soft grays may create a relaxing atmosphere ideal for cultivating a good night’s sleep. Your child would wake up rejuvenated too!

Elegant Accessories with Felicitous Furniture

Children observe from their surroundings and create artifacts that can be used as customized décor in their room. It adds a new dimension to the room. Large paintings and inspirational quotes carved or hung on the walls are indeed impelling. Use of wall hanging shelves, help children to keep their things organized and serves as an additional storage space. Walls with niches for storage make them very appealing and interesting.  Chalkboard panels on walls can be useful for kids’ while studying.

Do you want a climbing wall in the room? As cool as it sounds, it also encourages a healthy and playful environment for kids’. It adds up to the necessity of exercise every day.

Furniture can be inspired by the theme selected by children. Theme based furniture such as a bed similar to a car or the use of bunk beds inspired by a double-decker bus, twin beds, add dimension to the room. The use of pin boards adds a splash of colour to the walls and a display area for kids’ artwork. Needless to say, study table is one of the most important elements of a child’s room. Pay attention to your child’s need and customize the table accordingly for comfortable and a happy study time.

Safety is very important while designing kid’s room. Choose all furniture and accessories carefully keeping in mind child’s needs and well-being.

Playing on Fabulous Flooring

Flooring is a crucial aspect while designing a kids’ room. Children are more connected with the ground than adults. So the quality of floor, as well as its look, feel and texture will affect how the child interacts with the room. Flooring used in the room should be completely balanced in terms of colour, texture and aesthetics along with the other elements in the room. Light and soft shades are a perfect blend to the dynamic play of colours in the room.

Not only does a kid’s room need all the attention, while its execution but also requires a design that has a soul and child-like efforts. There can be nothing more unique and original than a room that reflects the kids’ personality. So if you’re planning to design an ordinarily extra-ordinary room for your child and need a helping hand, feel free to call on +91-8956549583 or write to us at

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