Coastal Style Interior: Enjoy The Seashore at Your Home !

Coastal Style Interior: Enjoy The Seashore at Your Home !

Doesn’t a beach destination top everyone’s list when planning a vacation? Haven’t we all had some of the best memories on the beach like playing around with water, sand between our toes, sinking bodies in sunny skies and collecting shells from the seashore?

Now imagine a similar vibe in your home every day. Doesn’t it bring an ear to ear smile on that face already? Having a coastal themed home is as fascinating as it may sound ! Having well designed coastal themed interiors can evoke the exact same feelings in your mind like a beach does.

Coastal style is all about clean, light, airy, uncluttered and cozy ambiance that reminds one of the beautiful times spent on the shore.

Create the Serenity using Cool Colors

One of the major motives for a coastal style interior is to achieve soft frosted looks that take you back to the beach. This style witnesses major dominance of nautical hues- blue and white. Combining them with wooden surfaces or hues of gold and tangy yellow is also suggested under this style to create a metaphorical dialogue of sunset. Although both blues and whites are the color of this palette, white dominates it because of its lightening character. The more the white, the better the light reflects, making the room feel more open, light and airy.

Surface Treatment to Delude the Shore

Natural materials and light fabrics are highly suggested to recreate the ambiance of a coast. Iridescent tiles can also be used to get water like illusion. These tiles would play a very important role as it is symbolic to the main element of ocean- the water. In addition, use of reflecting surfaces and soft furnishings are highly favorable to maintain the feeling of openness like that of a beach.

Flaunting with the Furniture

Coastal style interior design bestows comfortable and relaxed feeling. Stepping into home would make you feel as though you’re on vacation. You must select the furniture pieces which are strictly in sync with your coastal aesthetic. Wooden coastal or nautical style furniture with light colored soft furnishings would offer a chic look to your space.

Cozy informal wooden sofas paired with soft shades of blue and white cushions are the best fit for your coastal style home. Layered blues, crisp whites, stripes and loose linen upholstery would certainly help significantly in achieving the coastal aesthetics. The purpose of coastal theme is to make everyone feel calm and comfy. Make your space more inviting by using a lot of plush cushions and throw pillows. A glass-topped driftwood coffee table would be a best addition to your coastal style living room.

For your coastal kitchen, use blue, grey, or white cabinets finished with gold hardware. It will look stunning especially when paired with wooden flooring or white tiles. A reclaimed wood table would fit perfectly in your coastal style dining room. Use of white wood window frames is favorable for enhancing the light and airy feeling of the space. To enhance the coastal look, use of natural fiber fabrics is highly recommended. Wood, cotton, and jute are some of the significant mentions that offer the earthy and casual aesthetics.

Refreshing Greens

Adding plants in the decor would add a pop of color in it, making the aesthetics more pleasing. For getting that refreshing and green vibe, you may go with various species of indoor Palms and Orchids plants. Dracaena, Fiddle leaf Fig, Peace Lilly and Rosemary are some of the easy to grow indoor plants that would also offer fresh seaside ambiance into your home. To get a better coastal look, arrange the plants in clusters of three or more, ranging in heights and sizes. Keep the larger sized pots at the back and smaller pots at the front.

Illuminate the Space with Nautical Style Lighting

Natural light in abundance is the highlight of this style, but not every property can have this advantage. The effect of it can always be created with the help of right kind of artificial lights. Using nautical style light fixtures, lanterns, adding warm colored shades to the lamps are a few ways to create the natural light effect. Good part is that there are many lighting choices available in market to make your home a timeless treasure.

Nautical ceiling lights, coastal pendant lights, wall hanging lamps, beach style wall sconces, vintage nautical glass lamps and hanging beach lights with unique finishes are sufficient to create the coastal aura in your home. Nautical style chandeliers, beach inspired table lamps and wall sconces would perfectly complement to your coastal style residence. In addition, lights and light fixtures made of natural materials like shells and stone would certainly enhance the coastal effect in your home.

Play with the Knick Knacks

Accessorizing the space with marine appurtenances will add beauty to the overall vibe of the theme. A few of these could be using throw pillows designed like ocean objects, seashell collections in various forms, life preservers and even old oars. You may go with collection of shells and stones displayed in a large glass vessel or along shelves and tables. Adding colorful vintage inspired aqua appliances would also make a bold statement. Balancing the ornamentation is very important to keep the airy and uncluttered feeling.  Adding tropical accessories to your space can also add the ocean life to it.

It’s now time to pamper the ocean child in you ! Surround yourself with that feeling of the shore not just on vacations but all the time in the comfort of your own home.

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