Here is the Perfect Home Interior Theme for the Sports Enthusiast

Here is the Perfect Home Interior Theme for the Sports Enthusiast

Are you someone who spends hours watching the game of cricket? Do you spend a big chunk of your earnings to attend live sport events? Do you spend your Sunday mornings in the ground playing your favourite sport for hours? Do you own an exclusive collection of sport gears? Do you let go of your work to watch a live cricket match?

If yes, then let the sport passion in you be reflected through your home!

‘Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love’, said Nate Berkus. For every sports fanatic out there, this is how you need your home to look like. Contact us to help you design your beautiful abode in your style. Feel free to call us on +91-8956549583 or write to us at

Keep reading to get the insights on Sports style of interior designing.

Playing with Walls

Think of your wall as a plane canvas and paint it in your love for sports. Walls play an important role in this type of home decor. They could be heavily accessorised by a lot of other sports related things. Hence keeping the walls as neutral as possible is a great idea to let the accessories pop out to their best capabilities. Primary and neutral colour palettes are the best select for the walls of sports style interior designing.

Accessorizing the walls could be done in many ways- from displaying your exclusive sports collectibles to hanging posters, from adding sports inspired wall frames to showcasing your sports gears, the wall could be accessorised in endless number of ways.

The wall can also be ornate using wall decals or wallpapers that are inspired from sports. Famous quotes could also be displayed in the form of posters or wall decals.

Using the sports equipment themselves is also a good way to accessorize your room and add character to your space. A cricket fan could have his cricket bats hung on the wall, while a basketball lover could have baskets screwed to the wall with balls in it. Use of sports jersey for the wall display is also a good option to make your room look interesting. Re-writable score board for the accent wall shall cater to both the aesthetics and the function.

Strategise the Space Planning using Furniture

Furniture adds a lot of character and dimension in any space. So using the furniture to speak of the theme is a great way of doing it. You could include chairs or bar stools inspired from sports in your decor. The cushioning on the stool could be done as an imitation of the balls. Bin bags and Pouffes that resemble a ball could be added in the space to add the extra edge. Bed backs in the pattern of soccer ball could be designed. Bed backs painted on wall in sport inspired murals can also be done with minor displays for accessories around it for the feature wall.

Score High with the Perfect Lighting

It is as important to highlight the accessories using the correct lighting as it is to do the right accessorizing. Lighting adds the needed highlight to the room decor and helps in creating the required aura of the space. Use of spot lights to enhance the collectibles displayed is very important to make your collection stand out. Accentuate all the important elements you have added in your decor using warm lights to make them pop but yet not over power.

Lamps in the shape of balls could be used as well to add extra dimension and interest in your interiors. Installing ceiling lights in a bat or a hockey stick and hanging it from the ceiling is an interesting DIY to add a unique element to your sports themed decor. This could be done over the breakfast counter or a dining table.

The Game of Colours

Colours play a vital role in designing sports themed residence. A vivacious and peppy colour scheme brings your space to life. Bright colour palette using combinations of blue & orange, black & white, red & yellow or blue & white would add the sporting spirit to your space. You may also go with the colour palette inspired from the colour scheme of your favourite team. This is the way of reflecting not just your love for the sport but also your love and support towards the team.

Functional Accessorizing

Using the necessary elements in a way that they add character to your room is one smart way of catering to two purposes without any extra effort. There are many examples of this, such as,

  • Having a large screen to watch the game in your living room will not just serve its purpose but shall also make your room look sophisticated and sporty.
  • A basketball player could have baskets fixed to the wall which could be used for practice as well as add the sporty aesthetics to the decor.
  • DIY your key holder by attaching hooks to an old cricket bat or hockey stick to meet a need and add aesthetics to the theme as well.
  • A wall decal of silhouette of multiple players in action with their gears and equipment as the original store for your equipments shall meet both the aesthetical and the storage needs.
  • Adding a sports themed growth chart to your kid’s room will help you monitor their growth along with the added accessorizing it will do.
  • Including a foosball table in your living will serve your purpose and will add the sporty dimension to your decor as well.

Don’t  Miss the Tiny Details

Small details can make big difference in the entire image of your room. Like, using planter pots with patterns inspired from sports is one small way of adding the theme in that little corner of your room. You may also go with a rug that is an imitation of the pitch, creating an illusion of the ground in your room. Using a football net for the bed back shall help in adding an edgy and raw aesthetics to your space. Tiny details will help you enhance the sporty look in your home.


Your love for the game has no boundaries and so does the options for playing around with the sports theme has. There are infinite numbers of options to creatively design a room in the sports style theme.

To make your home speak of your love for sports, explore the sports themed interior designing with us. We are experts in creating theme based home interiors. Feel free to call on +91-8956549583 or write to us at

Aakriti Dewan

A passionate Architect, enthusiastic about exploring and playing with spaces designing

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