Timeless Vibe of the Indian Traditional Interior Design

Timeless Vibe of the Indian Traditional Interior Design

Indian style interior design is among the most exotic and cultural décor styles to work with. Traditional design celebrates the long rich history of the Indian past. It’s a timeless style that exudes elegance and comfort. It is a great route for those who appreciate antiques, classic art, and symmetry. Due to differences in culture, history, and art across the country, the Indian traditional interior design style has many variants. Let us see how we can unfold the beauty of traditional interior style in your home.

The Intricacy of Furniture Design

Solid wooden furniture is an important element in Indian traditional interior design. Traditional cabinets are a great combination of functionality and aesthetics. Decor pieces like sofa, diwans, cabinets, jharokhas, footstool, curved arm seat made in dark textured Sheesham or teak wood with inlay work in metal, mirrors, stone, beads or ivory are an excellent examples of most stunning Indian craftsmanship that adds grandeur to your space.

The Radiant Bind of Fabrics & Patterns

India is historically famous for its beautifully made fabrics such as silk, cotton, jute and khadi. They are used in multipurpose ways such as long flowing drapes for windows, cushions as well as a sheet that can be thrown on diwan or any other furniture piece. You can also use it as an accessory to decorate your walls & windows. Various patterns and motifs on the fabrics also play a vital role. Among this, Paisley is considered as the most popular pattern, as most of the themes are inspired by nature in the form of a flower, leaves, bird, and other animal prints with some detailed mandala motifs. All of these can be found in every Indian interior design. Each pattern and print symbolizes a deep religious and cultural meaning that adds richness in the decor of your home.

The Fine Work of Art & Painting

From the gold-leafed painting of Tanjore and the painstaking detail of the Rajasthani miniature painting to the ever-popular Madhubani painting, India has a wide variety of artistic elements. Indian homes are incomplete without the use of artifacts such as – baskets and wall hangings made with bamboo and ceramic pot or statues of Ganesha, Krishna, Buddha, elephants, camels, etc. These artifacts are beautifully finished in metal, wood, brass or bronze material.

The Spellbinding Colors

Indian interior design revolves around bright and diverse colors. Whether we talk about the work done on tiles or garments used for upholstery, splash of vibrant colors always plays its magic. You can go with plush green, vibrant red, luxurious purple, ochre yellow, rich browns, burnt orange with a dash of fluorescent yellows and pink. Using neutral shades as a base color with a burst of exotic primary colors are always good to go.

Here are Some Tips and Tricks to Make Your Own Traditional Interior Vibe

1) The key is using vibrant colors in contrast with rich wooden furniture.

2) You can have a mix of mid-century modern furniture with classical one.

3) Use rich textile that has a variety of textures and patterns.

4) Handmade carpets and rugs are always good to go.

5) Embrace your space with large paintings, portraits, and status.

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