Surround Yourself with the Magic of Music

Surround Yourself with the Magic of Music

Are you someone who has earphones plugged in all the time? Does your room have posters of your favourite band? Do you keep a count of time by the number of songs played? If the answer to these questions is YES, you need to keep reading. And even if it’s not, read because music is a significant part of everyone’s life.

Music soothes. Music relaxes. Music nurtures. Music heals. Music connects. Music lifts up your mood! Music is mostly considered as a treat for ears but if designed effectively in your space, music can be equally pleasing for the eyes as well.

And because your home is a reflection of who you are, let it loudly speak about the hopeless music junkie that you are ! Make your space a musical abode with this interesting interior theme.

Let Your Wall Do the Talking

Walls play a very vital role in Music themed interior as they serve as the canvas for all the displays. Since there is a lot of accessorizing in this theme, it is preferable to keep the walls as neutral as possible without taking away its character from it.

Using white painted bricks for the accent wall is one way to highlight the accessorizing done over it. Exposed brick wall also serves as a good background to add interesting touch to the furniture and musical instruments. For plastered walls, using neutral colours is suggestible under this style.

After the wall is ready, it’s time to accessorise it to reflect the best of one’s emotions for music. There are endless ways of doing it. A few to mention are the use of wall decals, frescos and wall murals. These could be anything from musical symbols to musical instruments, or even a doodle designed depicting all the feelings that you have for music.

Having framed pictures or posters of your favourite musicians on the accent wall is also a good option to never stop the inspiration from flowing around you. The accent wall could also be used to flaunt the collection of your instruments. Cassettes and digital versatile discs could be used for accessorizing the accent wall which will add retro character to the space.

You would also go with the wallpapers instead of painting the wall. Music themed wallpapers depicting rock n roll art, musical notes, musical instruments like cello, drum, piano, acoustic guitar or music items doodle would certainly add a musical ambiance to your space.

Emphasize Using Furniture

Almost all types of furniture go well with this theme. Modern and sleek furniture are highly recommended when seeking for an elegant look.

Apart from the conventional furniture, furniture for Music theme can be designed in interesting ways making use of the old instruments. The structure for stools and coffee table could be done using old drums, aged and damaged piano could be restored as a center table or a writing desk. These practices shall not only reflect the theme but will also bring the unused to use.

The storage spaces too can be played around in the similar manner so as to reuse the old remnants of musical belongings. Using old guitar case or drums to create wall storage is one of the many options that can be explored in this expanse.

Lighting Effect to Create the Mood

Just like the furniture, the lighting fixtures in this style can also be played around with. Instruments that are no longer in use can be used by adding lights to them and fixed on the ceiling as lighting fixtures. Drums are a good option. Its membrane spreads the light and creates a visual treat for the eyes. Bed side lamps can also be redone using something from the woodwinds family for the structure of the lamp.

We all have heard this very often- lighting can make or break the ambiance of a room. The correct lighting is very important as it enhances the aesthetic appeal of all the elements used in the décor of the room. Use of accent lights to highlight the elements is recommended in this style to accentuate their presence and bring that much needed oomph factor in the décor.

Musical Instruments for the Inspiration

There’s nothing like musical instruments that will reflect the theme in its full glory. Reusing old instruments is one possibility of this expanse. Creating elements that look like them is another. Making ledges in various musical shapes is one way of doing it. A similar thing can be done by using an old guitar or drums for wall display as well. Doing metal art on walls in various musical symbols is also a good way of accessorizing the room. Adding music inspired throw pillows would help in increasing the musical vibe of the room.

The Complementing Accessories

Adding accessories is one of the best ways of giving character to a room when it comes to theme based interior design. A gramophone vintage table clock, wall clock fixed in an old guitar, wind chimes resembling piano keys, door handles in the shape of musical symbols are a few suggestions for adding glory to the décor.

Music is limitless. And so are the possibilities of playing around with this theme. There are endless ways of reusing instruments, creating their replications as the room elements, displaying the instruments themselves, painting the walls to spread the musical wave and ornamentation of the spaces with the knick-knacks.

Creating a balance between all of these is very important to keep the space clutter-free without taking away the musical vibe which should exist in every nook and corner of the room.

To let the music keep flowing in your room, explore musical theme based interiors with us. We are experts in creating theme based home interiors. Feel free to call on +91-8956549583 or write to us at

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