Multicolour Decor Ideas for the Vibrant and Zestful Lifestyle

Multicolour Decor Ideas for the Vibrant and Zestful Lifestyle

These days our hectic lives are filled with work pressure, stress and anxiety. All of this can have a negative impact on our health and wellness. Thinking of the dreadful lifestyle of today makes me shiver to the core. But not to worry, colour psychology is a great solution to ease our everyday hectic life. Colors are known to have great psychological effect on humans. Use of bright and vibrant colors in our spaces hence is no longer just the trend but also a need in a way. Well designed spaces could uplift our mood and spirits.

Color blocking has made a big comeback in the fashion industry. With fast growing popularity, it is making its place in every home, be it in clothes or in the décor. The stark juxtaposing of complementary colors, using random geometry and no definite pattern is a great way to add energy and optimism in your everyday life.

Are you thinking of redesigning your home already? Keep reading to know of some tips and tricks to follow to make your abode color blocked.

Merrymaking through Walls

This style has the funkiest of walls. When designing the home with colour blocking style, you can be as creative as you like. From simple wall painted in one color to a wall with four colors running on it– anything you wish can be the choice !

When designing your home the color blocking way, one can either use complementary tonal hues as well as bolder color combinations. For the choice of color, one could go for neutrals, pastels or bright vivid colors as well. Anything from mint green to deep cerise pink can be your palette.

When using multiple colors, it is important to take care that each color compliments the other one well. A few suggestions for complementing color combination are red-blueorange-pink, blue-pink and red- yellow. A classic combination for the color blocking is the very famous red, black and white.

Another impactful way of going color block is the use of monochrome. The use of black and white together gives a dramatic appearance to the space. Subtle approach to doing this is to go safe with the monochromatic hues. Use of different shades of the same color palette which would create a sophisticated aesthetics with funky under character is a nice approach as well.

Let your imagination go as far as it wants to. Depending on your preferences and choices, one can create a sophisticated look or a fun look with color blocking.


Add the free spirited Furniture

In case you decide to keep the walls neutral, then you have the furniture to play around with. Choose different colour for each piece of seating or coordinate them in as many colors as you like and add that splash of colour and energy in your room. One can also have multiple colors in furniture even when the walls are also bright and vivid. There’s nothing like too many colors when talking of color blocking.

A couple of ottomans or chairs in different colors in the room can add life and joy in the ambiance of the room.  Upholstering that pair of chair around the coffee table with bright colors in lively prints can up the ante.


Accessories to Energize the Space

The accessories can play a major role in the overall look of the space in this style. Pillows and wall decorations are a great way to both, brighten up and tone down, the overall aesthetics of a space.

Drapes can make a whole of a difference in the overall aesthetics of any space and more when it comes to color blocking. Treat windows with two or more tones. Color blocking your window curtains or blinds creates lines that help you lead your eye in a particular direction while adding dimension to the décor as well. It helps in defining the movement of your vision.

Color block your accessories like vases, wall plates, lamps, wall clocks and pillows in different shades and combinations. This would offer an added boost to your overall colorful ambiance.

Color blocking your home not only helps in the aesthetics of the room but also impact the occupants psychologically. If this makes you feel like an extra bonus, then think about redesigning your home the color blocked way.

Keep our tips and tricks in a little corner of your brain to use them whenever you decide to redesign your abode. Colour blocking can be a little tricky and if went wrong can be a disaster. But don’t worry ! We are here to help you ! We are expert in creating theme based home decor. To add energy and optimism to your decor, feel free to contact us on +91-8956549583 or write to us at

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