Hollywood Style Interior Design: Luxury at Your Doorstep

Hollywood Style Interior Design: Luxury at Your Doorstep

If the fancy houses of the celebrities on Instagram make you drool and if you wish that your sweet home would be the talk of the town for its lavish and glamorous look, then Hollywood regency style of interior designing is the perfect style for your dream home. This style is all about glitz, glamour and grandeur. It is the style that is inspired from the golden era cinema stars.

The only thoughts for your home if designed in Hollywood style shall be of opulence, extravagance, glamour, glitz and luxury. The first thought that might hit your mind after reading this could be ‘budget’. But you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to have a home that looks like it came out of a dream. With proper designing and professional help; one can easily achieve the desired look in a constrained budget as well. To explore the dramatic, sensual, modern and delicate Hollywood style home décor, feel free to contact us on +91-8956549583 or write to us at editor@archirio.com

Hollywood style of interior designing is meant to feel playfully overdone and generously unbalanced, yet sleek and modern. Let us explore this style in detail.

The Riotous Color Palette

This style witnesses rich and bold use of various colors. Usually the color palettes with two to three complimentary hues are utilized with gold and silver accents for creating the luxurious feel in your residence. You may also go with the timeless, soothing color palette of black, white and grey. This palette has ability to highlight the metallic surfaces apart from giving glamorous aesthetics of their own.

Use of some bright color in small portions with black and white is also in the spirit of this style. Soothing ivory and creams are abundantly used for their easy elegance and extra comfort. Emerald green is one of the color options of this style which creates rich and royal look. Apart from all these colors, this style also inherits the extensive use of dramatic metallic colors such as gold, silver and brass. 

Creating a Drama Using Classic Furniture

Clean and handsome lines, high gloss finishes, reflective surfaces and rich fabrications are patent to the furniture in Hollywood style of interior design. To add that extra touch of luxury in the décor, one could invest in classic furniture pieces. A sleek credenza in high-shine lacquered finish can add a lot of character and is a perfect fit for this theme. Hooded chair can also be included to add a royal touch in the aesthetics of the space.

Mirrored furniture is the signature style of the Hollywood regency themed interior design. Keeping an open eye on the finishes is very important for this theme. Furniture pieces adorn with rich and lavish looking fabrics such as silk, satin and/or fur imparts the extra luxurious feel to the overall décor.

Statement making through Fabrications

Hollywood style of interior design is all about glitz and glamour. The choice of fabrics plays an important role in bringing the much needed sumptuous aesthetics to the space. Some of the most commonly used fabrics for this style are silk, fur, satin and velvet. The fabric chosen need to have a plush and decadent spirit to it. Tassels and embellishment can always be added to accessorize.

Textures could be played along with for an opulent and fascinating look. The use of shag, crushed velvet and faux fur is highly recommended for this. Rugs play a significant part in adding a personality to a space. A few suggestions for this could be Greek key patterns, sheepskin, or zebra prints.

Bold colors and rich fabrics should be used for headboard upholstery. This will help in adding a splash of colour especially if the walls are neutral in colour. Similarly fur upholstery could be done for stools and accent chairs in the color scheme of the room décor.

The Extravagance of Accessorizing

Hollywood style emphasizes on creating dramatic, modern, uncluttered and delicate aesthetics. Accessories play a major role in creating the requisite mood and enhancing the aesthetics of a space. Crystals, marble, high-shine stones are the finishes that one needs to swear by when talking about this theme.

Paying attention to the details is very important for this style of interior designing. Statement mirrors, Ming vases and candle holders are some of the worth mentioning accessories to include in your décor. Polished silver toned accessories could also be included under this style effortlessly.

Chinoiserie design elements would be incorporated when playing around with this style. Metallic finishes and intricate patterns for the accessories are a common feature. These are significant in adding the extra touch of glamour, luxury and opulence in the theme.

The Game Changing Lighting

Lighting is that one factor which can double the glamour of the décor if done perfectly. Layering of lights is the key when it comes to Hollywood style interior design. The basic layers can be divided as Ambient, Decorative, Task and Accent. You may use warm lights for decoration and bright lights for accent.

For the ambient light, floor to ceiling sheer windows could be given instead of the conventional windows. This will add a lot of dramatic effect to the interiors and make the space look bigger and brighter.  Elaborated chandelier in crystal and gold details is a salient feature of this style. Apart from this, art deco inspired pendant lights are also common in Hollywood style. You can play with a mix and match of light fixtures to add the extra touch of glamour in your home. The lighting in all the layers if done aptly shall add a very powerful appearance in the space.

You home speak of you before you do. To reflect your glam in your home, explore the Hollywood style interior design with us. We are experts in doing theme based home. Feel free to call on +91-8956549583 or write to us at editor@archirio.com

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