A Colorful Ride in Boho Style

A Colorful Ride in Boho Style

Are you planning to renovate your old home or wish to design the interior of your newly bought home?

Well, there are many interesting interior styles and themes available to decorate your dream home. While each style has its own essence, the Bohemian Style is one of the most graceful interior styles among them all.

 What comes to your mind when you hear the term Bohemian?

The term “Bohemian” is applied to people who live artistic lives, who like to add a touch of creativity and splashes of colors in every corner of the room.

Bohemian interior design is all about combinations, brightening up the space with colors, layers of fabrics and botanicals. This style focuses on keeping the room exaggerated and filled up.

The best way to describe this design is whenever you enter a Bohemian styled room it tells you a story ! It doesn’t let your eyes settle in one place. It is perfect for people who are free spirited, fun loving and socially unconventional.

So let’s get ready to step out of our comfort zones & take a ride to a casual Boho chic home !!

Play of Colors & Patterns

This style is all about playing with the layers & colors with a mix of patterns & textures. Use of warm earthy colors with turquoise, greens & grays with saturated purple, vivid orange and electric blues, best describes the color palette of Bohemian style. Don’t hesitate to choose vibrant colors for your Boho style home. Brighter colors makes your home look more exotic & engaging.

Combination of different patterns like Ikat, Scale, Suzani, Cambodia, West African kente cloths, gives the space a vibe of fun & fascination. You can decorate your walls by playing with different fabrics, such as Tapestries, Area Rugs, Mats, & Colorful printed Bed sheet. (Let your Imagination go beyond bonkers! )

Combination of Materials & Fabrics

Boho is about trying different materials and their combinations together. silk, linen, leather, velvet, chenille, wool, etc. would be the best fit for your Boho style home. Always remember that materials should look slightly worn out & old.  (It is best not to buy new elements; rather you may go for borrowed or used materials).

Area rugs, throw blankets, throw pillows, fringe, crochet & macramé when combined together gives a cozy, comfy & come sit a while feels. You can use a throw blanket on a velvet finish sofa set, & it would still give an eclectic look. Layering is always a big yes !

Variety of Furniture

Furniture plays a vital role in decorating your space. Vintage sofa and chairs, second hand furniture pieces that are collected over time perfectly describe the Boho chic look.

Materials such as mango wood furniture, leather ottomans, wicker finish chairs, upholstered sofas, metallic finish centre tables, antique French stools covered in linen, with carved wooden headboards can also be used as decorative pieces for your room. If you want to utilize every corner of your room, go with the low lying furniture seating with upholstered cushions.

You can explore your local vintage shops or flea markets & feel free to pick any vintage furniture piece that has a story to tell !

The Magic of Lighting

Boho lighting offers a calm & relaxed feeling as soon as you enter the space. You can decorate the room with a combination of table lamps, lanterns and different shapes & sizes of candles.

Use warm shades of lighting which create a warm welcome. Be it a metallic finish floor lamp or a wicker finish hanging lamp shade, you can use it all to enhance the beauty of your home.

Sprinkle the Freshness with Indoor Landscaping

Bohemian style says a big yes to the nature and what’s easier & eco-friendly than plants! Style your room with as many indoor plants as you can, you may go with popular indoor plants like Peace lily, Sansevieria, Areca Palm, Philodendron, Rubber Fig & Ferns. Let’s just say, the more the merrier!

A view of hanging plants in your room is always a delight to your eyes. Be it your living room, bedroom or bathroom carry your plants everywhere, it’s the best way to accent your space.

Finally, one more friendly tip we have for you is to add a splash of creativity to your  Boho style home. Do collect items that are handmade. You can put up maps on your wall, style the space by using travel souvenirs, golden framed mirrors, chandeliers, dream catchers above your bed or paintings on your wall.

Because everywhere and somewhere there is Boho in Me & Boho in You !  Just let your mind think out of the box & explore your own Boho vibe. Make your home a cozy walking paradise for you!!

So let’s explore this journey together with this colorful vibe!! We are expert in creating theme based home interiors. Feel free to write us at contactus@archirior.com or editor@archirio.com


Stuti Padgil

A passionate Interior Designer who likes experimenting with different interior styles & aspires to inspire.

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  1. Hey, nice to see all the pics collection, amazingly superb and innovative choice of design and combination of colours as well.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Great article ! Love it !

  3. I hv some old letters n pics n books by my forefathers. I want that to b dispayed in my study room prominently. How do i do

    1. Thanks for the comment Shishir. It is a wonderful idea to display these items in living room due to emotional value they hold. A thoughtfully designed collage of letters and pictures can invoke the necessary nostalgia. The sleek display unit with old books with wall washer lighting can create that classic effect in Living room. Our advice is to use only necessary items (as minimum as possible) so that the elegancy and class is maintained.

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