Less is More ! Know About The Minimalist Style Interior Design

Less is More ! Know About The Minimalist Style Interior Design

There are endless notions in the world associated with the word “minimalism”. This article is to break through all the wrong beliefs that people have about minimalism and to be able to create a clear picture for everyone to implement it in their home and lives.

Minimalism is often thought of as plain, bland, colorless, and lifeless by a lot of people. But is that really true?

Minimalism is about choosing what is really necessary and eliminating the rest. It is not just a style of interior design but is a lifestyle in a whole. It is a way of life which specially in today’s age needs to be accepted and practiced by the people. It is very important to practice minimalism not just for the trend but for our own happiness and health.

Minimalism as a style of interior design is all about free movement. Movement of people! Movement of air! Movement of light! Minimalist style of interior designing focuses on de-cluttering spaces, eliminating unnecessary things and focusing on only what is really needed. It is not just a plain white box but a ‘space with things’ that are significant to a user’s need.

Are you already convinced to design your home in the ‘minimalistic’ way? Keep reading to get the insights and learn on how to execute it for your sweet home.

Color Scheme- An Absolute Reflection of Minimalism

Conventionally, the minimalism color palette comprises of muted color. Different shades of clean white, rich ivory, beige, cool gray and earthy taupe top the list. Using monochromatic hues of a single color is also common in this style.

One might think that minimalism is black and white, but a pop of color here and there never hurts. Minimalism does not oppose the use of color. Using neutral colors with one colorful item to make it stand out is a balanced way to add color in your minimalist home decor.

The furniture that speak for itself

Minimalism is about letting go of the urge to fill the spaces. It promotes the idea of dumping those extra seating you have kept for the guests that never happen to come or giving away that storage unit that has age old things which have never come to use in the past years.

The idea of “essential” is obligatory to minimalism. Only important furniture pieces, which are used on everyday basis are incorporated when designing a home, the minimalists’ way.

The furniture pieces that find their place to the decor are supposed to be simple with clean lines, firm shape and modern color. There’s no place for superfluous embellishments and complicated shapes in this style of interior design. The texture and color needs to harmoniously blend with the surroundings. Minimalism promotes the downplay of furniture for the other elements to take the centre stage.

Use streamlined furniture for the best aesthetics of the decor.

A piece of art? Yes why not!

Although one might think that any piece of art is unnecessary in a minimalist home decor and should not be included when talking of minimalism but there lies no truth behind this common notion.

Minimalism forbids the use of multiple artifacts at every nook and corner of the room. Let a work of art dominate by choosing a single oversized art piece. Using a piece of art that has a burst of color is also a good way of adding colors to the neutral toned interiors.

There’s no better form of art than nature. If your property is fortunate enough to have a natural view, then let that be the centre stage of your home decor. Go under board with the complexity of the interiors to let the view shine in its full glory. Use glazed walls from floor to ceiling to highlight the view and maximize the inlet of natural light, which is also an imperative part of a minimalist style home.


Lighting that make a statement

Although lots of natural light is one of the basic principles of minimalism, but it goes without saying that no home today can function without artificial lights. And because minimalism is about making statements through only essentials, investing in quality fixtures and designer light fittings is advisable. Having statement pieces that add dimension along with light to your home decor is such a smart way of designing a minimalist style home. Use bold and courageous lighting fixtures to take the centre stage and make a statement with streamlined furniture and neutral home decor.

Even if you like to follow the traditional way and love your frills and stones, you can embrace a few basic principles of minimalism for a happy and healthy lifestyle. These can be done in easy ways by de-cluttering your home, using streamlined furniture, simplifying the color scheme and focusing on the function.

We are emphasizing so much on adopting minimalism because of the calming effect of well designed and uncluttered spaces have on human body. It saves you from the chaos and extra time in finding what you need between the other hundreds of things uselessly lying around the house. It let your thoughts flow peacefully and without hindrances. A less chaotic and aesthetically peaceful home will obviously leave you happier and healthier.

But it is very important to make sure that in order to keep things simple and functional, you don’t end with a space that feels cold, sparse and unlived-in. Balance- Proportion- Harmony is hence the key to this style of home decor.

To have your spaces clutter free, healthy, more functional yet warm, comfortable and welcoming, ditch your conventional home decor and get your sweet abode transformed the minimalists’ way. To explore minimalist style interior design, feel free to contact us. We are expert in creating theme based home decor.  Feel free to contact us on +91-8956549583 or write to us at editor@archirio.com

Aakriti Dewan

A passionate Architect, enthusiastic about exploring and playing with spaces designing

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