Contemporary Living with The Allusion of Future

Contemporary Living with The Allusion of Future

Do you enjoy buying modernistic artifacts, trending furnishing items or fresh furniture pieces ? Do like to keep your home decor updated with the styles of the moment? If yes, then for sure you would like to explore theΒ contemporary style of home decor.

Contemporary interior style is a blend of dynamic, comfy and relaxing ambiance. At the same time it avoids messy and dull look. This style is a mixture of modern elements along with vintage art deco elements and futuristic design notes. Contemporary interior style is ever-evolving, and it takes its inspiration from different eras which make it interesting all the time.

Relevance of Function over Form

One of the foundation elements of this design style is “FORM”. This sets the contemporary design style stands apart from others. It features a mixture of minimal with innuendo of modern design. It is best known for its simplicity and sophisticated colors and textures. It streamlines on showcasing the space rather than things.

Winsome Furniture Design

In contemporary style, furniture pieces tend to make a bold statement but at the same time keeping it simple and uncluttered is very important without the use of curves or decoration. Smooth and clean geometric shapes are essential, upholstered furniture can wear black, white or other neutral tones with materials like wool, cotton, linen, silk or jute. The best way to highlight your furniture is to use a neutral color palette on your walls.

The Simplicity of Space

Contemporary interior gives your abode a simple and sophisticated look. To create a feeling of spaciousness, this style adapted the concept of an open floor plan. The best part of this design is that it has the quality to merge two rooms in one, i.e. your dining area can be easily merged with your living room or kitchen as well.

The Gaily Color Palette

Colors used in this interior style are neutral, black and shades of white. The color palette used in this particular design style is mostly blended up with bright and bold colors that play up well with neutrals. The combination of walls colored in neutral that has a wonderful backdrop for bold color accessories is the mix of best of both Worlds.

The Art of Elements

Let your elements shine! You can use textured fabrics in geometric patterns or bold colors and layer it up at windows, furniture, floor, etc. Mellow down your space with the use of area rugs, throw pillows and throw blankets. The use of large paintings or framed artwork finished in high gloss, matte, natural wood or metal along with large plants and flowers would certainly add a dramatic effect. Please note that arrangement of all these elements has to be neat as simplicity is the key to this design style.

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Stuti Padgil

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