The Art of the Deco

The Art of the Deco

If you love the glamour and beauty of classical ambiance, you will surely like to explore the Art Deco style of interiors for your residence. This style emerged in 1920’s and was very popular till late 1940’s. The Art Deco style commonly called as ‘Deco’ was originated in Paris, which has influenced architecture and culture as a whole. It combines the flair of French, Egyptian & Mediterranean culture. Geometric patterns and vibrant colors are the main elements of this style.

Art Deco designs were known to be the most magnificent, lavish and splendid designs. This style still offers the great glory and opulence with the use of symmetrical designs in exuberant shapes. Art Deco is all about making a big statement! It’s a modern style attempt to infuse functional objects with artistic touches. Art Deco style would surely impart all the charm of the 20th Century to your space.

Here are some interesting features to inspire you to create your own Art Deco space:

The Bold Statement of Colors

Colors used in Art Deco are striking and bold with a lot of bright as well as deep yellows, reds, greens, blues and pinks with touches of gold, silver, black and chrome. Softer colors such as creams and beiges are also used to enhance these traditional Deco interiors.

Depending on the room, it is possible to use either a dark or a light color palette. A dark wall combined with bright pieces that have metallic accents can create a sumptuous and cozy atmosphere. Whereas, a light colored wall will create a sense of brightness, with the use of mirrors and high shine metal details.

The Exquisite Taste of Furniture

Art deco is famous for its large scale furniture pieces made with strong streamlined shapes and exotic materials like zebra wood. Boasting both geometric and symmetric designs in Grecian key patterns are requisite art deco features.

Curvaceous furniture with smooth lines is also prevalent. A low armchair with a round seat and curved back when upholstered in a rich shade of velvet with small brass feet gives a super luxurious look. For that extra tinge of royal look, you can also go with steel frames finished with gold plating.

The Elegant Mess of Fabrics

When it comes to art deco fabrics the key word to remember is Bold. Fabrics in solid color or geometric design are the most used textiles. Sofas upholstered in bold colors with throw cushions covered in a geometric pattern or vice versa are typical design elements in the deco style. Fabrics finished in silk, velvet, georgette, faux fur, linen, charmeuses are good to go. A great option for soft furnishing can be fabrics with black and white or gold fan patterns.

The Sassy Show of Light and Accessories

The lights used in this style are very stylish and elegant. Fixtures like chandeliers, pendant lights, floor lamps, wall sconces, or table lamps particularly in abstract or geometric shapes and patterns enhance the space by creating their own little drama.

Finishes such as gold, copper and chrome make the room look more glamorous and luxurious. Use of heavy accessories such as abstract wall paintings, sculptures and modern art pieces beautifies the space. Ornate mirrors can be the highlighting feature of your house and it is relatively inexpensive too.

The Eclectic Flooring

The popular black and white art deco tile makes your room look stunning. On the other hand, one can also use lacquered shine flooring or polished parquet flooring in dark wood. To layer your floor you can go with area rugs and carpets with large geometric patterns and shapes in bold colors.

Some Tips And Tricks:

  • Embrace the bold color palette.
  • Use exotic materials like ivory pearls, gold or metallic finish elements, precious woods and stones.
  • Get custom-made paintings of palm trees and animals, random geometric patterns or abstract elements.
  • Use focal light fixtures like chandeliers since it adds volume to the space complimenting it with other lights finished in gold or metallic finishes.
  • You can use patterns like leaves, branches, feathers, chevron and zigzags on walls and fabrics.

Art Deco theme of interior design with the base of symmetrical, geometric and streamlined elements creates a beautiful, pleasant and elegant ambiance in your residence. Use of crafted luxury items and bold colors would certainly offer a royal and sophisticated look to your precious home.

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