Rustic style – Let Your Interior Decor Be As Powerful As Nature !

Rustic style – Let Your Interior Decor Be As Powerful As Nature !

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order”, said John Burroughs.

I believe that none of you will disagree to what is said above. We all are aware of the power of nature and its effect on humans. Rustic style is the way of diminishing the line between the indoors and the outdoors for your lovely abode. It’s a way in which you can bring in nature and relish its calming powers.

If you are looking to connect with nature; it’s rawness; it’s beauty; it’s naturalness, then build your home interiors the rustic way and let your indoors fade into the natural outdoors.

Nature Inspired Colour palette

The colour choice plays a major role in this style of interior design. Let nature be your inspiration while choosing the colour palette of this style. Now, you must be thinking of browns, beige and cream, right? That’s the perception we want to break here. Natural does not have to be dull or boring. Nature is full of colours, just look around, and pick your choice and use in for your interiors. Whether it is blue from the sky, green from the leaves or red from the flowers, you can pick any of your choices.

Furniture and Material to Replicate Mother Nature

Just like nature, the rustic furniture is raw, unrefined and undefined. There are no predictable patterns and lines. Everything is organic and rugged. Reclaimed wood is the top choice for rustic furniture. And why should it not be? It has a beautiful aesthetic appeal, is better for the environment and is also stronger than new wood. It is important to emphasise on bringing the outdoor inside and hence embrace the rough textures and unpredictable lines.

Wrought metals also fall in the material range of rustic style. Use them for your chair frames, table legs, bed backs. They help in breaking the monotony because of abundant use of wood and also help in adding an extra dimension because of its easy malleability.

The aim is to convey a sense of age. One can use reclaimed wood, distressed metals, seeded glass and anything that suits to give the desired rustic style aesthetics.

Textiles for the Edge

Natural fabrics are the pick of this style. Cotton, wool, jute, burlap, linen or silk– pick whatever suits you for a warm, cosy and inviting space. There is a scope of playing with patterns in fabrics because most surfaces are kept simple and unrefined. Buffalo checks, ikat, patchwork and calico are the most commonly used patterns. You can also mix and match different textiles side by side to evoke interest and complexity in your decor. Don’t forget to choose sturdy fabrics to keep the natural spirit alive.

The floors for this style need nothing more than a soft rug over it to welcome you bare feet. Go for rugs that have an earthy and handmade aesthetics to it even if it’s not truly one.

Hand-woven rugs and faux animal throws are the best to display effortless rustic aesthetics. Warm tones and saturated hues are suggested to keep the interior feel comfortable, cosy and welcoming.

Preserve the Essence

Whatever you choose and whenever you do, just remember that rustic style is all about the rejection of synthetic, unnatural and catchy. The walls, floors and ceiling are the biggest surfaces and need to be the most unrefined and raw to let the indoors and outdoors camouflage effortlessly. Retain the essence with simplicity, solidity, naturalness and rudeness.

Choose the optimum decoration mantra and stick to it. Look out for aged and antique elements. Let each corner of your home speak of truth and only the truth. The honesty of materials and roughness of textures is the foundation of this style. Preserve them to keep the real rustic style alive in your home.

If you seek to return to a warm, cosy, comfortable and welcoming home with the truest essence of nature just like I do, then rustic style home decor is your best cup of tea. Come and explore a natural abode with us. We are an expert in creating theme-based home interiors. Feel free to contact us on +91-8956549583 or write to us at

Aakriti Dewan

A passionate Architect, enthusiastic about exploring and playing with spaces designing

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