Indulge in Your Own Plant Paradise

Indulge in Your Own Plant Paradise

Adding the plants in any space creates a visual threshold in an otherwise ordinary aesthetics. Plants make your space look more welcoming and relaxed. They bring life to the dead spaces, like the room corner or a shelf-top. Plants never go out of style. In addition, there are many health benefits of living plants and interior landscaping. Indoor plants can maintain the humidity, remove toxins from the air and add soothing aroma to your space. Plants are natural healers. Updating your residence with some fresh and green tinge of life can reduce tiredness, stress and would help to boost your mood.

Aren’t you already craving the presence of plants in your home sweet home? If yes, then keep reading to get the insights on how to do it to enjoy greater well being in the comfort of your home every day.

The three tiers of indoor plants are divided as the overhead plane, the vertical plane and the base plane. The number of possibilities in each of these is limitless. A few ways to freshen up your home by adding plants are fore mentioned.

Cater the Nooks and Corners

Every interior space has small and dead corners here and there. Using plants in these spaces is a great way of brightening them up. This will not just be ornamental but would also make a room alive. There are umpteen pots available in all sizes, colors and shapes. Just pick where your heart goes and add it to that not-so-used corner of your room. One tip is to select all the containers in one cohesive colour palette. White, black and brown are the most suggested colors as they help in enhancing the green of the plant.

A few plant suggestions for this arrangement are Succulents, Air plant, Anthurium, Asparagus fern, Cast Iron plant, Chinese money plant, Jade plant and Echeveria.

Cater the Medium Spaces

We all have that space in our room which is too small for a functional piece of furniture yet too large to be ignored. Plant is the answer if this is the question. They not only help in making use of such spaces but also add aesthetical value to the room. Using a plant table or a plant box is the most common way of catering to these settings.

Choose the colour and style of the container in contrast to the wall and other surroundings, also keeping in mind the green colour of the plant. Adding plants in such spaces help in breaking the monotony of the room. The otherwise non-functional stair room can be utilized by adding a long patch of green to it.

A few plant suggestions for this arrangement are Alocasia, Coffee plant, Weeping fig, Aloe plant, Peace lilies, Spider plant, Split leaf Philodendrons, Bromeliad and Kalanchoe.

Cater the Larger Spaces

Open plan living rooms are a perfect fit for large plants. Well positioned, one or two plants can completely change the entire feel and look of the room. Floor to ceiling window in the background helps in alleviating the difference between the indoors and outdoors. The most common idea is to place a large plant besides the primary sofa.

A few suggestions for the plants in this category are Bird of Paradise, Dragon tree, Norfolk Island Pine, Fishtail Palm, Triangle Ficus, Corn plant, Umbrella tree, Raphis Palm and Rubber tree.

Plantscaping Your Wall

In today’s age of micro apartments where every square inch matters, having big gardens in homes is no longer feasible. Utilizing the wall area in such cases is a smart way to get the best of both worlds. Living green wall is one efficient way of doing it. Green wall in simpler words is plants grown in pockets of a structure that is attached to the wall.

Apart from green walls there are other ways too, to make your walls alive and beautiful. Placing small plants on individual ledges distributed along the wall can make your simple wall instantly look like it is out of pinterest! Using white geometric pots for this arrangement is suggested to make better aesthetical impact.

Using wall storage to display plants is also a good idea to add life and beauty to the wall. Just add a plant or two here and there in the open wall storage and the space will brighten up instantly.

Drool Worthy Drooping

Suspending the plants in a basket from the ceiling to decorate the vertical planes will surely be a visual treat for your home. This is one of the best ways to create a delightful experience in the open vertical spaces like patio, balcony, porch and even in a room. Plants with pendulous stems are preferred for this setting. The drooping stems not only display the flowers and the foliage at their best but also hide the container keeping the plant as the point of focus. Upright plants, other than orchids and bromeliads are not suggested for this style of landscaping.

Suspending multiple terrariums from the ceiling is a good way to make the space look more rich and luxurious. When done with a wooden background, the impact increases manifold times.

Greens in the Bedroom

Engulfed between plants and nature is sure to induce better sleep.  So adding flora in the bedroom is extremely beneficial. Trading the bedside lamp for a plant is worth all the effort. The other ways to include the plants in your bedroom is by keeping them on the window sill. Shade loving plants are ideal for North window sills while plants that require light are the best fit for South window sills. Placing small plants on the console unit or study table is also a good option.

A few plants suggested for bedroom are Snake plant, Philodendron, English Ivy, Golden Pothos and Spider plant because of their air-purifying properties. Spider plant, Peace lily and Snake plant are the best suited options for bedroom because they are believed to foster peaceful sleep.

Ornamenting the Bathroom

When adding plants to all other rooms of the house, why leave a bathroom? Adding plants to your bathroom is also equally beneficial. Placing pots on the bathroom shelf, near the tub or on the basin platform are the most common ones. Vertical plantation on the wall near the tub can also be done to add an interesting dimension to your bathroom.

Selecting plants for bathroom can be very specific because of the low lighting and high humidity it possesses. A few plants suitable for such environments are Aloe Vera, Bamboo plant, Orchids, Snake plant, Ferns and Lavender.

Every plant benefits in different ways and varying degree. To embrace the plant paradise in the comfort of your home, explore the interior landscape theme with us. We are expert in creating theme based home interiors. Feel free to call on +91-8956549583 or write us at

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