Set Up the Palatial Ambiance in Your Home with Moroccan Style Interior Design

Set Up the Palatial Ambiance in Your Home with Moroccan Style Interior Design

Personal Paradise! Tranquil oasis! Incandescent sand & Vibrant Colours!

If this is your idea of a perfect home, then Moroccan style is the best fit for you. Moroccan style of interior designing is influenced by the culture of Morocco and so it is a perfect reflection of sand, water, sunset and landscape. This style encourages the engagement of all five human senses through a home. This is taken care of by the richness in colors, softness in the fabrics, scented spaces, music and a tray of juicy fruits according to the beliefs of the people of Morocco.

Moroccan style in a nut shell can be narrated as dramatic details, attention grabbing colors, flashy elements and fearless layers on top of one another. If this is what you wish for in your home, then contact us to help you explore Moroccan style for your home interiors. We are an expert in creating theme based home decors. Feel free to contact us on +91-8956549583 or write to us at

Munch on the information below to get all the insights on designing your home the Moroccan way

No Shying Away from Colors

This bold and dramatic style of interior designing does not shy away from using bright colors in abundance. Earthy colors and jewel tones are predominantly used in Moroccan style. Hues of blues and greens are used to represent Morocco’s landscapes, rich reds and oranges as a symbol of African sunsets, whilst gold and silver are used to represent the Sahara sands. Emerald, amethyst, jade blue, ruby red and turquoise along with gold and silver are the most common palettes of this style.

Fearless use of colors is witnessed in this style of interior designing. Everything from a wall to a pouf sees a wide use of vibrant colors. Fortunately, the ample use of colors in this style never feels over done.

Furniture And its Detailing

Low seating is an integral part of Moroccan style interior design. The most common materials used for Moroccan furniture are wrought iron, mother of pearl inlay and ornately carved wood in high relief. Each piece of furniture is meant to give an exotic, elegant and luxurious feel. Marquetry is another common practice used to adorn the Moroccan furniture.

A very common yet significant practice for upholstering the seats, cushions and poufs to make them lively and welcoming is the use of Moroccan fabrics in contrasting patterns, prints and textures.  

Metal and wood are used in generosity but never seen in a pale or bland profile. Fine carvings and beautiful embellishments are done to every inch for creating the grand effect.

Use of Symbolic Rugs and Carpets on Flooring

Dark hardwood, stone flags and ceramic tiles are the most preferred materials for the flooring of this style. Use of plush boucherouite rugs is very important under Moroccan style because of the barefoot culture in Islam.

The comfort of walking barefoot on a sumptuous, patterned rug is very important for a Moroccan style home. Moroccan carpet has its roots in the Berber rural life. Motifs and symbols encrypt stories of fertility, survival, protection and natural world. No human and animal images are used in this style in lieu of Islamic beliefs. Apart from their use on the floors, these can also be commonly witnessed on the walls and the ceiling.

Create Wonderful Background with Walls

Moroccan style sees walls as the largest available canvas in the home and hence no stone is left unturned to accessorize and detail the wall to the maximum of its capability.

The walls are beautifully adorned with the use of meticulously carved intricate tiles. Wallpapers with detailed patterns are also commonly used in this style.

Niches and alcoves are a significant feature commonly seen on the walls of a Moroccan style home. Small sized arched alcoves are used to display artifacts whilst the use of big iwans and arched niches act as lovely framing to the furniture pieces. These niches are cladded with brightly colored tile mosaics in contrast to the plain colored wall or vice versa.

One can use perforated surfaces with geometric patterns in repetition for the partition. Tinted glasses in the hollow spaces could be used for an opaque effect wherever required keeping in mind the privacy of the user.

The Enchanting Effect of Moroccan Lights

Dim warm lights created by lamps and pendants are patent to this style of interior design. Intricate lanterns of metal that cast shadows in the surroundings giving a sensual feel to the space when lit are also very common. These could be used individually or in groups as desired to create a striking feature either in a corner or above a piece of furniture.

A wrought iron chandelier or candelabra in the centre of any room can up the ante without any extra efforts.

Sconces with intricate metal work could be used on the walls for adding that extra dimension to the wall aesthetics. Candles and scents for exotic décor  are also suggested.

Special Features to Add the Glory

A few other considerations that can be included while playing around with this style are the arched doorways and windows along with the ceiling beams. Stained window glass for a colorful beam of light to enter the home is also a salient feature of this style.

Moroccan style is all about eccentric detailing from the top of the ceiling to the bottom off the floor. No component of this style is bland or simple. I was amused to see how the little detailing in this style transforms the simple elements in such beautiful marvels.

Lots of bright colors! Overwhelming patterns! Bold prints! Exaggerated textures!

To make your home a vibrant personal paradise, explore the Moroccan style home décor with us. We are an expert in creating theme based home decors. Feel free to contact us on +91-8956549583 or write to us at

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