Which Carpet Fits In Your Office?

Which Carpet Fits In Your Office?

Most businesses always look out for the best means to increase their working area’s aesthetic appeal. The office with ‘WOW’ effect is instrumental in increasing the productivity of staff. You can make the space vibrant with the use of right kind of carpets. They add on to your style and enhance acoustic value of the space.

A carpet is a floor covering made usually from thick woven fabric to enrich the appearance of floor. Carpets are good floor insulator which results in the great warmth when you put them in your spaces. Carpets are superb when it comes to acoustics. They absorb a good amount of sound and those with padding enhance this ability. Also, they are a good medium when it comes to safety.

 While choosing the carpet for office area you need to consider various factor to get the best and perfect carpet, some of these are:

  • Style: Each office space has a particular function, unique décor and style. This is manifested with the type of furniture, choice of colors or the color scheme and even the kind of arrangements of the working place. It is very important to choose the carpet which fits in the office frame perfectly to the décor and even to the wall and the ceiling.
  • Footfall or Foot Traffic: The great concern of your office space is to how many employees does it serve and what is the average footfall. Because this factor will decide what kind of carpet to choose.
  • Budget: While considering the style and design people often forget to think about the budget of the product, but it is the crucial factor to consider. There is a wide range of carpets in terms of price and what makes your product cost effective needs to be determined, because the cheapest carpet might incur the high maintenance charge so choose wisely.
  • Durability and quality: The good way to asses any carpet is through its durability. The carpet which can withstand a lot of foot traffic with minimal cleaning and with the quality of stain-resistance is a big ‘Yes’ to choose.
  • Life Expectancy: Many a time we find the best durable material, but for how many years? You need to first decide as for how long you would keep the same interior and when will you really change the material? Because that will help you to finalize the right product for your office.
  • Lightning: It has a great impact on the users and on the products as well, as lights can be deceptive. You should always take the samples of carpets and see it in your office lighting because it does matter in what kind of lights you put the carpet.
  • Performance Attributes: You should always consider the kind of carpet to be used in the right place. Those in the meeting rooms might not have a huge foot traffic but those in the studio will have.
  • Check test: once you finalize the product you should always call for the samples to check how well does it react with the strains. And the ways and technology to clean it and make it dust and allergy free.
  • Twist: You should inquire about the twist of the fibre of the carpet. Twist refers to how tightly fibre has been twisted. The carpet stands better if the yarn is twisted tighter. This is important to check if you are using cut pile carpets.
  • Density: it refers to how tightly and closely the fibres are packed together in the carpet. The closer they are placed, the denser it becomes, yielding the better results. Here is a tip to check how dense your carpet is: Just press the carpet and try to look from the other side that is the backside, the more difficult it is to reach the backing, the denser the carpet.

The carpets are often available in tile or roll forms. Tiles forms are preferred as you can change individual tiles in case required. Do not forget to store the attic stocks of the carpet while taking handover of the project.

An office’s ambiance and environment happen to be one of the most integral components of its functionality. A well-furnished office sends out the positive and great vibes to anyone that might have to make transactions in it. It also acts as a great morale booster to its employees.

Sachchit Kholkute

I am a practicing Architect & Interior Designer based in India. I love to design spaces and integrate technology in interior design.

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  1. Well written article ! Carpets are also useful to face-lift the office.

  2. Nicely explained ! I think different office/residence/hotel areas need different types of carpets. Carpet industry should come up with innovative products.

  3. Wow 🤩 The office interior with Color combinations, furniture and carpet is looking beautiful.

  4. The price of carpet is driven by the Oz’s / yarn wright per sq.mtr. Where as the performance of the carpet is driven by it’s density. Denser the carpet, it will perform better. It will not allow to penetrate even the dust in between. As far as the quality of carpet is concerned, the dying process also plays a very important role. Solution dyed carpet is always better than yarn dyed and printed carpet.
    Apart from these facts the pity is that people don’t know the Upright process of maintaining it. You will surprise to know that even the senior facility managers are not aware about the recommended machines for regular maintenance. They don’t even know what CRI is and it’s recommendation on carpet cleaning methods.

    Thanks & Regards
    Jyoti Pardeshi

  5. Nicely explained with all aspects..👍👍👍

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