Top 20 Interior Design Trends for 2020 !

Top 20 Interior Design Trends for 2020 !

Archirior Design & Team Archirio, Wish You Lot of Happiness, Fresh Inspirations & New Achievements in the Year 2020 !

Welcome this New Year & New Decade with the New Trends in Interior Design. In this blog, we are highlighting 20 cutting edge & futuristic interior design ideas. These ideas are suitable for all spaces including homes, offices, salons, shops, restaurants and even clinics. Introduce these vibrant interior ideas & new trends to make your space more appealing! You will surly enjoy the insights below to make a statement with your decor.

1. Switch to Smart switches

Conventional old switches are a thing of yesterday. Thanks to the technology today, we have better options for switches with advanced features to automate our homes and other spaces. Smart switches are sleek with touch screen feature which can be also controlled through your smart phone. If convenience, greater control, better security and cheaper electricity bills is what you strive for, then decide to swap your regular switches with smart switches in coming year.

2. IoT (Internet of Things) & Sensor Experience

Sensor based technologies will be trending in 2020. The concept of smart homes & smart spaces are already becoming popular. Thanks to IoT & remote management of appliances through sensors ! Air-conditioning, lights and other electronic devices can be programmed with computer intelligence. This will measure surrounding conditions and monitor appliances’ functionality. Door and window contact sensor, occupancy sensor, motion detector sensor, leak or moisture detection sensor, temperature sensor, brightness sensor and indoor air quality sensor are a few options that we suggest to install in your space according to your need and convenience.

3. Virtual Assistance for the Real Chores

From running errands, going to office, doing the household chores and having a balanced social life, we already have a lot more to do in the fixed time of 24 hours. Who wouldn’t like a personal assistance to share the load of the daily lives? Opt for virtual assistance in your decor and have a helping hand whenever you need. Be it ordering the groceries, tracking your finances or handling your appointments, it can do it all. You can choose from many options like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Homekit, Wink, Next or Google Home.

4. Set Your Mood with Lighting

Would you like to create an inviting ambiance in your space on a special occasion? If yes, then Mood lighting is a way to go! Kindle a range of emotional responses with the variation in lighting with just one installation. Be it the hue or the diffusion, you can manoeuvre it all in the mood lights. Going from a cheerful party to a romantic dinner is just a matter of pressing a button now! Mood lighting will be the talk of town in 2020.

5. Stylish Ceiling Design

Be it an office, a clinic, a home or a shop, these are the days of Statement ceiling for any space. Ceiling designing is going to be a major trend in interiors in coming year. One can explore from Herringbone ceiling, geometric ceiling, glass ceiling, Origami-like wooden ceiling, theme based ceiling, metallic ceiling, tiled ceiling, Barrisol ceiling, hand painted ceiling to the 3-dimensional ceiling. There are lot of design ideas and trendy options available to make your ceiling interesting.

6. Grandeur with Upholstered Walls

Upholster your walls instead of just the headboards to make your room feel more comfortable, inviting, cosy and intimate. These are not just easy to install but also versatile for all spaces. The most ideal place would be the headrest for bed in bedroom and the home theater/media room.

7. Multi-Use Furniture Fashion

Space optimization with multi-use furniture would be the in thing this decade. Real estate prices are going north. The shrinking house size and expanding lifestyle demand for multi-use furniture. Opt for quality multi use furniture that is versatile in adapting situations. There are hundreds of options available in the market. A wall mirror that opens up as a full size table and an ottoman that stores an entire bed inside are some notable examples. These are not just ingenious in their function but also very stylish in the aesthetics.

8. Multi-metallic Mania

Anything metallic & shimmery will be the rage this year. Already the metallic accents are all over the internet. We witness them in wallpapers, fabrics, furniture and what not? Silver, gold, tin or copper, choose whatever suits your palette, sit back and adore the glitz !

9. Maximalism

Tired of less is more? Utilise your space following the new philosophy of “more is more” in the boldest way possible. Saturated colours, mix of textures, repetition of patterns, layering & redundancy of everything best describes the aesthetics of Maximalism. This trend would surely rock in 2020.

10. Balancing the Geometry

Multiple geometric patterns are predicted to be found in the homes this year. With more than one pattern in a space, it is important to find a balance between them to not let the space look cluttered.

11. Old with New

Its a time to blend old and new decor elements together in 2020. Layer the old with the new and add an interesting dimension to your space. A new home does not necessarily calls for everything new. Take time to think over and choose what you need to buy and what can be used from the existing.

12. Go with the Green Accents

In last decade, we have seen the dominance of turquoise colour in home decor. This year, the most dominant colour of nature, The GREEN, would be a favourite choice. Yes, you might see all shades of green colour for walls, furniture pieces, fabrics and accessories making a way in market.

13. Flaunt with the Floral

With Maximalism on board, various patterns are going to be all around in the market. Floral prints are going to be the pick of the year. Zillions of floral print in different sizes and colours is what you need to be ready for in 2020.

14. Pick the Performance Fabrics

In 2020, swap your regular fabric with a performance fabric. You can use it for upholstery & curtains. This is a fabric with super powers to withstand the most difficult wear and tear while being easy on cleaning. No more stains. No more fading of colour. No more loss of strength.

15. Discover the Feminine Hues

Enriched by the philosophy of normative gender, we all got into the binary of “Blue V/s Pink”. Let the ideal pink of the girls room break into the softer hues of desert rose & blush pink. You can also put accents of rose gold here and there to add extra drama and interest in the space.

16. Embrace the Biophilic Design

This trend is the adoption of nature inspired designs to reconnect you with mother Earth. Biophilic designs are believed to reduce stress, improve cognitive function, creativity, well-being and expedite healing. Embrace the natural elements with the biophilic trend in this coming year.

17. Say Yes to Natural Fabrics

With rising environmental awareness, use of natural fabrics instead of synthetic one would be highly appreciated in 2020. Natural fabrics bring the warmth and earthy look to your space. Silk, cotton, jute, burlap, linen or wool- pick whatever suits your palette of choice. Natural fabrics have an opulent look & feel. They are full of textures to play with for your decor.

18. Preserve the Freshness with Indoor landscaping

Connecting with nature through the indoor landscaping in coming year would be the preferred way of living especially in highly populated urban areas. Plants improve air quality and make a space look more welcoming and relaxed. Plants never go out of style. Integrate plant life in your indoors for a healthy & energetic life.

19. Sustainability- Need of the Hour

In this decade, both the consumers and the designers would focus on sustainability as an indispensable factor in home decor. Shifting to eco-friendly substitutes of interior items would be in a trend. You may go with light fixtures that consume less electricity, faucets & water fixtures that conserve or reuse water, eco-friendly curtains & windows, energy star approved appliances, natural materials for flooring, proper insulation & lots of living plants.

20. Recycling is the Key

Popularity of recycled products in everyday life has made a way in last decade. Now is the time to explore the variety of recycled products in interior designing. Pick out interior products made from used plastic or old clothes or old wood and Mother Nature will thank you !

With the balance of Technology & Aesthetics, Nature & Sustainability, Colours & Textures, we would surely create smarter, greener, happier and healthy spaces in coming decade. All geared up, we are looking forward to make your dream space a reality. Archirior Design team is here to assist you with this exciting interior designing journey in 2020 and ahead ! We are just a call away at 91-8956549583. Feel free to write to us at

Once Again Wishing You A cheerful & Prosperous New year 2020 !

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