Create a Magical Effect in Your Space using Barrisol Stretch Ceiling !

Create a Magical Effect in Your Space using Barrisol Stretch Ceiling !

Be it a home or office we often aspire to achieve the wow effect ! Ceiling is the prominent part of any space which when treated artistically, creates grand impression. Barrisol stretch ceiling offers an opportunity to produce the splendid ambiance that takes your breath away ! In recent times, Barrisol is trending in corporate, hospitality and residential sector. Let us see some details of Barrisol stretch ceiling :

Basically, Barrisol is a suspended ceiling system. And it is made up of two essential components i. Perimeter track and ii. Lightweight fabric membrane. This fabric membrane is stretched while installation and then held in place by the perimeter rail system.

Barrisol Ceiling used in Board Room

What is a Barrisol Material ?

It is a special fabric that is translucent in nature and 0.2 mm in thickness. It can be fixed in ceiling or on wall. When you back lit the fabric, it produces uniform light with serene ambiance. This ceiling acts like a subtle focal point and gives a unique look to the space. It is available in many colours with different finishes. Barrisol ceiling is printable. You can customize the ceiling by  printing any image of your choice on this fabric. Barrisol is easy to maintain, waterproof, washable, and vapor impervious. The lightweight sheets of Barrisol are flexible and stretchable. They can be used to form any shapes or sizes.

How to Install Barrisol ?

Barrisol installation process takes hardly 1-2 days depending on the size and complexity of the project. Initially, a trough of about 250-300 mm is made in the false ceiling. It is advised to make this trough in plywood. The back lit LED lights are then installed at equal distances on the surface of this trough. In order to enhance the reflection of light, this trough is painted in white colour from inside. Finally, the translucent stretchable fabric is fixed and the installation is completed. The subdued translucent light is the hall mark of this installation. Care should be taken not to have any other direct lightning source near it.

Barrisol Ceiling used in Reception Area

Where can we use Barrisol ?

There are various places where this ceiling can be installed. For example office board rooms, receptions, show rooms, airports and many more spaces. This ceiling is typically popular for the corporate Video Conferencing (VC) rooms. When we use Barrisol in VC rooms, a light is uniformly spread all across in the room. This creates a comfortable VC experience. In case of residence, a beautiful landscape or sky printed panels can bring the awe inspiring ambiance.

Barrisol stretch ceiling offers great opportunity to the architects and interior designers to create innovative ideas in their design. When design and installed tastefully, Barrisol stretch ceiling certainly helps in creating that killer look !


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