Explore the World of Wallpapers

Explore the World of Wallpapers

Do you want to make your home or office space fresh and vibrant ?

Are you interested in exploring anything other than paints?

Do you want to design your kid’s room based on a particular theme?

Are you planning for that eye catching décor for your hotel, restaurant or salon?

The answer to all the above questions is ‘WALLPAPER’.

Whether you’re designing a living room, a kid’s room, or an office reception area, wallpapers offer varieties of designs. They are easy to install and can be used for diverse spaces like home, office, hotel, salon, clinic, small shop, restaurant, etc. The best part of wallpaper is that they are available in many designs, patterns and wide budget range. Wallpapers varies from soft colors creating calming, serene, and stylish look to the bold and vibrant options for that extra energetic and sporty mood.

They can be sourced locally or imported from countries like UK, Germany, France, Belgium and Italy. You will find endless wallpaper collection in the market to suit your taste and space requirement. Wallpaper application saves time in comparison with painting. They are also easy to install and maintain. Let us see some important aspects in wallpaper selection.

Points to consider while selecting Wallpapers :

1. Colours and Textures:

Wallpapers are becoming popular because of its trendy prints and varieties of colors and textures. Don’t make a mistake of choosing same wallpaper for all rooms. You should select wallpaper according to the specific need of that particular room. For the kitchen, it is best to use moisture resistant wallpaper which is texture-less. The bed room backdrop wall should have calm and serene color of your choice. It should not be too dark and flashy as it may disturb sleep patterns. Lighting is also one of the important parameter for selecting colour and texture of wall paper. A room which has low illumination will require a different design and colour from one which is brightly lit.

2. Correct Quantification:

Wallpapers are available in roll form. It is advised that wallpaper vendor should take site measurement and confirms number of rolls. Accurate wall measurement will help you to purchase exact number of wallpaper rolls. Extra wallpaper could be aesthetically re-used for a part above the doorway arch or the space in a niche in the wall near the entrance way.

3. Durability:

This is the most important aspect to look for in wallpapers. There is no point in selecting wallpaper which is going to peel off or break easily in a few months. One should be willing to spend a little more if necessary in order to get wallpaper which will last longer. Vinyl backed wall covering have much better life than paper backed wall papers so it should be preferred.

4. Maintenance:

Select wallpaper which is resistant to scratches and stains. Washable wallpapers are easy to maintain. You can easily clean it with a sponge and plain water. You can also opt for moisture resistant or waterproof wallpapers if it fits within your budget and suitable for your décor.

5. Budget:

Apart from basic cost of wallpaper, the application cost should also be considered. Keep in mind that there could be wastage depending on the roll size. In general, vinyl backed wall coverings are more expensive than paper backed wallpapers. Cost of wallpaper ranges from INR 50 per square foot to INR 1200 per square foot.

Wallpapers are not just coverings for your walls. They have far more important function of enhancing the look of your home or office space. We all want our homes to feel special and unique. Wallpaper adds more drama to your interior space, offering a personal touch. Wallpapers can make your space stand out distinctively. Go for it ! And explore the world of Wallpapers !

Sachchit Kholkute

I am a practicing Architect & Interior Designer based in India. I love to design spaces and integrate technology in interior design.

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