Sprucing Up Office Spaces with Contemporary Interiors

Sprucing Up Office Spaces with Contemporary Interiors

Office spaces reflect the core values of a company. Planning and outfitting a work environment is indeed a huge investment. But when executed rightly, it can payoff in different ways. Well designed office will definitely create a good impression on clients, increase in employee morale and productivity and of course a pleasant ambiance to get the daily jobs done efficiently.

Why Modernize?

Office interiors can be designed in different styles. The chosen style should be usually in tune with the nature of work that happens on a daily basis. However, it also makes sense to consider the average age of employees who share the work place when finalizing the design aspects.

Youngsters tend to be more comfortable with contemporary furniture, lighting, and technologically advanced work environment, while seniors may settle for comfortable and functional settings with not much hype around the aesthetic /technological aspects.

It is important to first identify the need to modernize / revamp interiors before taking a plunge.  Ask yourself a few basic questions:

  • Does your office look outdated, drab or cluttered?
  • How many employees share the space, are they comfortably placed?
  • Are they motivated /productive enough?
  • What are the current job profiles and future growth prospects of your workforce?
  • Is there a reporting hierarchy or special positions that may require privileged work-spaces?
  • Are you open to an informal work-space or rather opt for a formal setting?
  • Is your office open to visitors and for what purpose?
  • What is the impression you wish to make on visitors?

If you find that modernizing office interiors can really address these questions and any others that you may have, move on to choose the right infrastructure/themes and a furniture manufacturer for custom needs.

What are the modern office interior options?

There are several options in terms of themed interiors, modular multipurpose furniture, technology integration, false ceilings, flexible use of space and Biophilic design when it comes making office spaces more contemporary.

Themed Interiors

The entire office space may be designed to reflect one theme with different color schemes and furniture pieces to liven up the ambiance.  Chosen themes and pieces of décor must be in line with the company culture and its services/products.

For instance the office of a travel agency can either go with the sport, beach or a tropical theme to make the space more appealing to employees and clients alike.

Themed Interiors

Modular Multi-purpose furniture

Stationary pieces of chunky furniture may not go well with contemporary aesthetics which is more about sleek and elegant designs.  While chairs and desks should be ergonomically comfortable, they could be movable and can quickly be rearranged to transform the place into a temporary informal meeting room if and when needed. This also means there is no strict functional demarcation of space, which can be used for any purpose as needed.

Movable Partitions

Using movable partitions made from glass, laminates, wood and other types of material help make office space more flexible. This will allow enough privacy for focused tasks and open layouts when you need to collaborate /share information with co-workers.

Movable Partitions

Biophilic Designs

Integrating natural elements into the office space such as natural wood or indoor plants or vertical gardens as partitions is fast catching on.  Such experiments are of course possible when there is a luxury of free space.

Innovative False Ceilings

False ceilings are salient points of focus especially in the reception and visitor zones. They prove quite useful to conceal air-conditioning ducts and electrical wiring creating a clutter free and clean ambiance. They also help with managing acoustics in the office space, keeping noise levels to minimum by absorbing sound.

False Ceiling

Technology Integration

A key feature of modern/contemporary office interiors is the technology integration to speed up daily operations and work smarter.  Core Work-spaces with support for tech gadgets and video conferencing facilities in conference rooms, peripheral devices to print/scan/copy documents, availability electricity, network and data ports, and several other features enable staff to work smarter.

How to plan for Modern office design?

Modern office design is known for its clean & functional layout which is well-lit and ventilated. Adding suitable elements of color and décor can make the space more lively and appealing.

  • Modern offices typically prefer open layout, promoting collaboration and flexible use of space while also ensuring that there should be adequate privacy and privilege work-space for employees in higher ranks.
  • They must be well-lit and ventilated, offering enough space for employees to work at ease.
  • Furniture should be ergonomic, with desks and chairs of adjustable height for personal comfort.
  • The ambiance should be relaxing yet lively with controlled noise levels to enhance productivity.
  • Use multi-purpose hot desks to accommodate temporary staff or anyone looking for a change of scene, which can in fact help break monotony of working from one place.
  • Remote working is becoming popular and offices must keep pace with changing technology if they are planning to go digital. With portable devices such as tabs and laptops and WI-FI connectivity, employees can choose to work from anywhere at the office.

Finally, your plan for a modern office ultimately must make sure that your employees are comfortable in the work environment. The entire infrastructure needed to boost productivity must be in place and the décor should reflect your business values and work culture.

Aditya Khanna

Aditya Khanna is an avid blogger and also an Office Interior Designer. Attention to detail, good listening skills, and great empathy are symbols of his appreciation by his clients.

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