Why Artificial Green Wall ?

Why Artificial Green Wall ?

Green Walls also known as vertical garden & plant walls have taken quite a grip in the field of architectural & interior designing. They are trendy and most important they can bring about change in ambiance.

One should obviously always stress on planting more & more living plants. But certain restrictions arise when we try to bring planters, live green wall or any other natural green element in the indoor space.

As we know that maintaining a plant is not a simple process. Various steps such as changing soil, manuring, pruning and most importantly daily watering are involved to maintain live plants. Drainage is another challenge.

So to avoid all this clutter, one can simply opt for an Artificial Green Wall.

The overall look & feel of this wall is exactly same as that of natural green wall. Difference can only be understood from close proximity. Efforts involved in installing and maintaining artificial green wall are very low as compared to live wall.

Let us understand some technicalities of artificial green wall

Artificial green wall is available in tiles of various sizes. Some of the standard sizes are – 500 mm x 500 mm; 600 mm x 1200 mm ; 300 mm x 300 mm. Variety of floral patterns & colours can be chosen depending on the other interior elements. 

How to Install?

It can be installed in different ways such as direct pasting on the surface, direct stapling on the surface or fixing on paneling.

Fixing on paneling is a standard method of application. This involves following steps:

Step 1: Surface Preparation : The 12 mm thick plywood or MDF is fixed on the desired surface.


Step 2: Surface Treatment : The MDF surface is painted with green colour or with respective matching colour of the green wall.

Step 3: Application of Green Wall Tiles: After painting one can directly screw the tiles on the plywood paneling.

Step 4: Finishing: This is the final step which involves dusting and arranging the floral pieces projecting outward with hands.

You can intelligently integrate green walls with writable surfaces, display boards, vinyl branding, logo wall, etc. Artificial green walls can enhance beauty in reception and foyer area, board rooms, cafeterias and many other interior spaces.

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  1. Hello,

    Edge treatment is always a vital role here as cross section some time reduce the aesthetic.
    When planning with glass panel also , difference in measurment of green and glass shall be looked.

    What are good brands in this parts and with years a local quality is always a question?

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