Let the Metals Shine and Sparkle !

Let the Metals Shine and Sparkle !

Metals are hotter than the hottest trends in the interior designing. Metallic textures adds royal glory to the house. Glittery gold, brass accents, copper statements, or shimmery silver– pick whatever suits your choice of palette. Please keep reading to know about how to adorn your home with the metallic fabrics, shiny treatments, molten finishes and shimmery interiors.

Walls that Shine

Walls are the largest surface available to play with in home interiors. There are two ways to play with your walls when dealing with metallic finishes for your home decor. One way is to paint your walls in shimmer and glimmer. Wall finishes market has a lot of options in gold, silver, brass and what not. Choose what catches your eye and steals your heart to decorate our beautiful walls. The other way is to up your ante by bringing in the flair with darker hues. Paint your walls dark, so that the metallic accents can make statement. Metallic wallpaper on ceiling with high gloss dark walls would also add pizzazz to your space. Are you daring enough to try this?

Furniture that Makes a Statement

Furniture pieces allow great opportunities for creativity with metals. Whether you paint the legs of chairs or tables in opulent gold or in cool pewter– it is going to add eye catching glamour and opulence to your space.

Painting some part of your furniture with shimmery paints is also an interesting way to let your furniture make the statement. Fresh white cabinetry with brushed nickel handles can instantly add elegance and grace to any space. Choose your pick and be playful with you furniture, you will thank us later !

Fabrics for the Shimmery Flair

Metallic fabrics are no surprise anymore. These can be used anywhere from your sofa to curtains. Be it pattern of motifs in gold or an entire copper colored cloth, metallic fabrics never fail to add character. These will spruce up the space like nothing else. Add throw pillows in your choice of metallic color along with white cushions to liven up your space while also creating a sense of balance.

Lights- the Game Changer

Pendant lights are one of the best ways in completely changing the aesthetics of any space. Adding the right pendant lights to any space can instantly up the decor game of any dull and boring space. The market nowadays has thousands of options for the pendant lights in number of metallic finishes. Black iron finish for industrial style, golden and silvery for the royal touch, polished brass for a classical home and brushed nickel for a minimalistic aesthetics are a few to mention.

For Your Artistic Kitchen & Bathroom

Although metal accents have crept in and found their place in every corner of the house, but kitchen and bathroom still remain the favorite choice to experiment with these shiny and glittery surfaces. It’s time to turn path from the mosaic backsplash and explore the new trends of tin and aluminum backsplashes. These go very well with crisp white cabinetry. Copper farmhouse sink is also a great way to catch eyes.

With the growing popularity of dark kitchens, brass has become a common choice for the designers. The warm hued metal contrasts goes beautifully with dark colors of the decor.

Copper and brass fixtures are the most common pick for the metallic styled bathrooms. These give the ultimate luxurious feel to the space. Now think of adding a brass wall light with a brass mirror to complement the brass fixtures. Are you not already wanting to change your bathroom aesthetics?

Let Your Creativity Flow

There no longer stands the need to choose between the hues of your metallic accents. It’s time to mix and match your metallic surfaces and experiment with them to get some enticing decor. The only key to this is to think about the contrasts between cool and warm metals. If followed properly, one can never go wrong with the metallic decor. Place cool metals like silver, steel, chrome and pewter in contrast to the warm metals like gold, bronze, copper and brass and see the difference for yourself. Go and experiment with this new trend of interior design and witness your house transforming for yourself. There is no limit when it comes to incorporating metals in the interiors of any space.


One thing to keep in mind while working with metals is the size and scale of the space. For a big space, multiple metallic elements in every corner create interesting aesthetics whereas the same when done to a smaller space creates chaos. The trick to dealing with smaller spaces is to limit yourself to the three.

Working with metals can also become very chaotic if not done properly. But, you don’t need to worry because we are here to assist you! We are expert in creating theme based home decor. To have your home shine of grandeur and opulence, feel free to contact us on +91-8956549583 or write to us at editor@archirio.com

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