Modular Kitchen for your Culinary Adventure!

Modular Kitchen for your Culinary Adventure!

Kitchen is the heart of any home ! It’s the source of our healthy lifestyle. Why not build it in a more effective and reliable way?

Recreating your culinary studio into alive and active space is more than just a necessity. All we need to care for is the setting up of an effective working area for the head chef.

Now let us see the planning aspects of Kitchen designing :

There are three primary activities in kitchen. The preparation activity (cutting and chopping), the washing activity and the cooking activity. It is recommended to have preparation area in center. The washing area i.e. sink should be placed on right hand side. While the cooking area which includes the hob/stove is recommended on left hand side. This helps in separating Fire and Water. Modular kitchen brings easy accessibility for cooking, storage, preparation and washing areas.

The Materials Selection

You may be wondering which materials to choose for the efficient kitchen designing. Materials selection is crucial part and it depends on durability and budget. Counter-top material would have a profound effect on the life of your kitchen. So it should be chosen carefully. Polished granite, quartz & Corian are among the top suited materials. Polished granite is good option for the tight budget. Quarts counter top is recommended for a lavish Kitchen.

It is recommend to have the wood works such as Caracas of modular kitchen in BWR (Boiling Water Resistant) plywood. It is expensive compared to popular option of MDF. If budget is tight then at least sink cabinet should be made in BWR plywood.

Duco Painted shutters look good but are NOT Recommended. Such paints have high VOC (Volatile Organic compound) value. The food proximity with high VOC value paints is hazardous for health, specially for kids.

Storage units are the building blocks of the modular kitchen. They could provide effective functionality along with neat & clean view of the kitchen. Built in appliances such as  integrated Hob and Hood is a common feature of modular kitchen. The built in microwave, oven, coffee machine, refrigerator would be an additional luxury that can be installed along with the modules.

Going with a soft neutral palette with a bit vibrant back-splash enhances the beauty of your kitchen. Back-splash not only provides stain free cooking but also highlights the color palette of your kitchen. This dado material can be ceramic tiles, stone, metal or glass.

One of the key factors in designing modular kitchen is proper ventilation. It may be created through a large window or an alternative of exhausts and chimneys.

With a quite handy budget, modular designing can change the look of your kitchen. Modular kitchens serve convenience, easy operations, saves time and make the efficient use of a space. Number of options are available in market, go pick your favorite color, play with materials and add more life to your kitchen ! After all modular kitchens are all about easy functionality and a better cooking experience.

Karuna Lala

I am an Architect. I love to explore old and new things to capture knowledge in frame and words through writing and designing graphics.

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